Hi everybody!  Oh, I have missed you guys and this space.  We’ve been going non-stop recently because this past weekend we were in Chicago and this past week my nanny kiddos stayed with us.  But my crazy summer of travel, guests, and 3 (yes THREE) weddings in a row has passed and I’m looking forward to a slightly slower pace for the next few weeks.

This also means more time for blogging!  I have so many topics I want to share, I just need the time to sit down and write.

So what is my title about?  It’s so silly and so simple that I wonder why I didn’t think of it sooner!

Ear plugs.  I’ve started wearing ear plugs while I sleep and it has been life-changing.  I’ve cut back a ton on my middle of the night insomnia and I stay asleep for longer periods of time.  I never have trouble falling asleep but I do wake up a lot, mostly to go to the bathroom, and in the last year, because of The Wee One.

You might be wondering, how are you supposed to hear your child in the middle of the night while wearing ear plugs??  Well, for one, you can still hear loud noises aka crying while wearing ear plugs and he doesn’t wake up every single night.  Secondly, my husband is amazing.  Somewhere along the line, middle of the night wake-ups morphed into his job.  Shocking I know!  I’m the stay-at-home-parent, and he works out of the home, how dare I??  🙂  I think explaining that one deserves its own post, but for the most part we learned a long time ago that mommy going into The Wee One’s room only made things worse while Daddy had the special touch.

I am using these super cheap ear plugs I bought in bulk for our fellow seatmates on our flight to Scotland last October.  They work for now but I might have to splurge on something a bit nicer at some point.

ear plugs

It’s been a few weeks and while I don’t wear them every night, I always bring them with us when we travel and it helps drown out hotel noises and other random disturbances.

Do you use any sort of sleep aid, like ear plugs or a mask?

What is something little that changed your life?

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4 Responses to “Small Change, Big Difference”

  1. Margy

    Welcome back! I’m hooked on ear plugs. I started wearing them in college and haven’t stopped! I do hear things that I need to hear (alarm clock, cat barfing), but it shuts out all the little annoying noises. I can’t sleep without them!

  2. Kelly J

    I’ve used ear plugs every night for a couple of years now (2+). Mine look similar to yours. I don’t even have any kids, but just the noise from room mate, plus outdoors was TOO much for me. I LOVE ear plugs!

    • Stephanie

      Ok cool. Yea, these ones seem to be working fine. I can’t commit to wearing them every night just yet, still getting used to it!


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