I LOVE reading “day in the life” posts from other bloggers and I keep meaning to write my own. Well, this week I finally got around to it.  This particular day we did not have a play date but on average we usually see our friends about three days a week.

(My apologies for the lack of photos, I kept forgetting to take them!)

5:37 AM: The Wee One wakes up crying, loudly. The Scottish and I both wake up slowly, groaning when we see the time.  This is one of those crazy early days I guess!  The Scottish goes to the nursery to lay The Wee One down and see if he’ll settle back to sleep for a little bit.  Not today!  The Wee One is still battling his cold so I go to the bathroom and then pick him up and bring him into bed with us.  (Depending on his mood, if he wakes up super early we usually leave him in his crib until 6 AM.)

5:45 AM: I nurse The Wee One while The Scottish goes down to shower.  Sometimes he lays in bed for longer but today he has an appointment for his green card and will have to leave work during the day so he gets up.

6:00 AM: The Scottish is back upstairs and I’m trying to convince The Wee One to finish up.  My supply is dropping these days and it is taking him longer and longer to nurse.  Still, I’m in no rush for it to end because I know I’ll miss that special time so much!

6:10 AM: The Scottish is dressed, he’s let McKenna out to potty, and he’s packing up for work.  The Wee One and I walk him to the door to say good-bye.  I remind him to take a banana for breakfast and I usually pack him a soup or leftovers for lunch but today his work is providing food.

6:15 AM: I put away last night’s dried dishes and turn on The Wee One’s favorite music CD.  I grab myself a bowl of cereal and we play with his toys in the great room together.

6:45 AM:  The Wee One can’t is ready for breakfast so I cut up a peach and make him some oatmeal.  He feeds himself and doesn’t get as messy as usual!

7:15 AM: Breakfast is cleaned up and I’m unpacking my Sam’s Club load from yesterday.  The Wee One helps put away boxes of tissues and toilet paper while also using his walker to walk around the kitchen.

7:30 AM: Time to shower.  Since I didn’t get to shower before The Scottish went to work like most days, I’m bringing The Wee One in with me. I change a poopy diaper, get into my robe, and we head downstairs.  He is happy to just sit and play with his water toys while I shampoo and condition.

7:50 AM: We’re back upstairs and I’m getting dressed.  The Wee One is trying to get into EVERYTHING in our bedroom, scooting around in just a diaper.

8:00 AM: We go outside to throw the ball for McKenna. The grass is really wet so we go back inside after a few tosses and get The Wee One dressed.

8:15 AM: We head out to drop off some fliers off at local businesses.  I’m an advocate for the Music Together program in my city and I want to hit up a few places before first nap.  I also stop for an iced vanilla latte at Starbucks because well, long day.


9:00 AM: We’re home and The Wee One is looking sleepy.  Normally I give him some cow’s milk but today I forget.  He runs around for a bit while I let McKenna out and organize a few things.

9:15 AM: Nap time!  Yesterday he cried for 15 minutes and then only slept for 15 minutes so I’m feeling nervous today.  Luckily, he goes down quickly.

9:20 AM: I start a load of laundry, sheets for our guest beds because we have The Scottish’s sister and brother-in-law coming later this week from Scotland.  Yay!  Then I sit down with my coffee and a snack.  I pay a few bills, respond to emails, and start working on this blog post.


10:10 AM: The Wee One is still sleeping so I pack our lunch for the zoo.  We have a membership which means we get to go to the zoo a lot.

10:22 AM: The Wee One is up!  And usually not the happiest guy at first…


I feed him his snack (yogurt) on the couch because I’m lazy and want to watch The Price is Right in the background.

10:50 AM: After switching the laundry and checking the diaper bag, we’re off to the zoo!  We have a great time and The Wee One does lots of walking while holding my hand.


1:20 PM: We’re home. I notice the clock on the stove is blinking. I guess the power went out while we were gone.  Great.  We go downstairs to check the laundry.  The comforter is still sitting in water but the dryer must have finished.  I make the bed downstairs and then the one upstairs (we have two guest bed right now since Cousin Jo left) while The Wee One plays and tries to UNDO the beds.  Argh.

1:45 PM: Cow’s milk and stories for The Wee One.  Since Daddy’s on duty for the bedtime routine I usually try to do stories before second nap.

2:00 PM: The Wee One goes down for his nap.

2:15 PM: The Wee One actually falls asleep. I drag the trash and recycling bins to the house, and then find myself a snack.  I want to go lay in bed and read blogs on my phone.  I’m beat.

2:30 PM:  Still not laying down because the internet isn’t working, sheesh.  After a call to The Scottish it’s back up and I head to my room.

2:50 PM: The Wee One is up.  Boo. That is a short nap so I take him into bed with me and miraculously he falls asleep on my shoulder again.  Is this becoming a thing?? This time around I’m less emotional and more like, “Yay, mommy can close her eyes for a bit!”

3:30 PM: He’s up for the second time, feeling a lot more rested.

3:40 PM: I give The Wee One watermelon for a snack.


4:05 PM: We head over to Grandma’s house so she and The Wee One can hang out while I run fliers to a few more places.  I remember when we bought this house people questioned why I wanted to live SO CLOSE to my parents, but hands down, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  My parents are busy and have their own lives so it’s not like we see them everyday, but it’s been so nice for all of us to have them close by.

5:00 PM: I’m back from passing out fliers, but I hang out at my parents and ask The Scottish to start dinner when he gets home.  Nothing fancy at the Drama Happens household, just frozen parmesan crusted tilapia, rice, and a veggie.

5:45 PM: We arrive home and dinner isn’t close to being done.  The Wee One is starving, he normally eats around 5/5:15!  He plays and runs around while I make notes on this blog post and The Scottish continues dinner.  I am usually the one who prepares meals, so it’s a nice break for me.

6:10 PM: We sit down to eat, quickly because we have an appointment at 6:30 for Home Depot to look at our bathroom and give us an estimate for a remodel.  Yes, we’re looking into putting a shower upstairs, YAY!

6:40 PM: The Scottish changes The Wee One into his pj’s and they read stories together. I debate nursing now or waiting in case they show up soon.

6:45 PM: A woman from Home Depot arrives and we start our consultation.  (The appointment doesn’t end until 8:30 PM and it’s super depressing how much money it will take to redo our terrible black bathroom with its eyesore jacuzzi tub but it feels good to get some hard numbers.)

7:10 PM: I can tell this isn’t going to end anytime soon so I step away to nurse and put The Wee One to bed.

8:35 PM: The woman has FINALLY left and I just want to relax and do nothing but instead I pull out my laptop to finish this blog post and add a few photos while The Scottish takes McKenna for a quick walk.  I had planned to go grocery shopping tonight but it’s too late and I’m completely exhausted.

9:30 PM: A bowl of cereal and some TV.  Many nights we take a family walk before The Wee One goes to bed and sometimes The Scottish and I watch a movie or TV show, or just sit and catch up together but tonight our appointment kind of swallowed all our extra time.

10:00 PM: Bedtime for The Scottish and I.  We rarely stay up later than 10 PM because we know we have an early wake-up call!

Phew! I swear not every day in my life is this hectic.  Some days we get to just play and hang out too!  But there it is.  A random day in my life.  I guess it would be a good place to direct those people who ask me what I do all day, haha.

I probably won’t be around next week friends.  I want to enjoy the time with my Scottish family while they are here but I’ll be back with lots of stories and photos to share as usual!

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