At the end of August we did a mini photo shoot to capture our baby #2 announcement photo and I thought I’d share the rest of our pictures.  We shot the photos at my old elementary school which made it extra special.  Sometimes it feels like I never left Minnesota for those 12 years.  How can that be?

Anyway, here’s the photo The Scottish edited to make our social media announcement.  His favorite part is The Wee One peering down over the bar at me.


This was our other option.  Obviously the play on words only works if there are two of us under the other two.  🙂


It was nice to get a few more family photos with my bump and because we’re wearing red I’m seeing a holiday card in the making!

Side note: I curled my hair… twice that morning.  This is how it looked by 9:30 AM. Tragic I tell you, tragic!  The Wee One’s smile in this photo completely outshines my pathetic locks.



The photographer brought along a “blessings” sign which I thought was very fitting so we used it in a few.



We also did a quick outfit change for The Wee One.  He wore this shirt The Mother made him to surprise family members with his big news.


This photo is one of my all-time favorites of The Wee One!  It’s perfection.


He’s so excited to be a big brother even though he has no idea what it means!!


We are definitely blessed.

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8 Responses to “2 Under 2 Photo Shoot”

  1. Anita

    Cutest cheeks EVER!!! I love the one with his arms up in the arm like he’s saying “YAY” lol. And I’ll switch you hair. I can straighten it, but if a drop of moisture gets on it, it’s all half curly and out of control again!

    • Stephanie

      Aww thanks, I have to agree on his cute cheeks! Yea, we actually taught him to lift his arms up when we say “touchdown!” Haha I know, people with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa. Such a dilemma!

  2. Rachel

    Such a great idea for a family shoot, and I agree on the favorite shot of The Wee One, it’s a classic!


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