BOY!!!  Yep, we’re having another sweet baby boy and we’re so very happy.  It’s the first time we’ll have brothers in many generations on my side and brothers aren’t very common on The Scottish’s side either.


I have to admit I thought I was having a girl (silly pregnancy dreams and obviously wrong instincts) and I was looking forward to buying girly clothes and experiencing something new, but really, every child is so different, it’s ALWAYS new.  When I look at The Wee One, I know he is going to benefit so much from having a brother.  Plus, I absolutely LOVE having a son, and now I will have two sons!  I can’t even describe how blessed I feel.

Of course, once you know the sex of your little one, it makes waiting to meet them that much harder!  That said, we’re in no rush over here.  Between the holidays and prepping another nursery, we are happy to wait until early March.

The Scottish and I wanted to do a private reveal just the two of us so we ordered gender reveal cupcakes from a local bakery and the day after our anatomy scan we took them to a park near our house to enjoy.



We ordered extra cupcakes for the rest of our family and man, were they a hit!  Everyone raved about how fun it was and how delicious the cupcakes were.  I highly recommend going this route if you want to do reveals with different family members on different days.  Some of our cupcakes went all the way to North Dakota!  Now if only they could have made it all the way to Scotland…

Anyway, I’m 20 weeks and officially half-way through this pregnancy, how is that even possible?  It is going so much faster this time, for obvious reasons, I have a toddler to take care of these days!  My pregnancy has been almost identical to the last one, (except for showing earlier) and I even have the same low-lying placenta issue that I had last time.  This means I get an extra ultrasound at 28 weeks so I can’t complain, and usually it’s an issue that self-corrects before baby is born.  I know I’m behind on sharing bump posts but I’m taking weekly pics and will post something soon!

PS The Wee One helping paint the pumpkin, so adorable.  Mostly he just painted his leg and I did the rest, haha.


PPS Remember when we painted the snow to reveal The Wee One was a boy?

Have you done anything similar with your gender reveal?  How does everybody like the name The Wee Two?  Makes sense right?

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10 Responses to “The Wee Two is a…”

  1. Jenn

    Congratulations on another little boy! So exciting! I think The Wee Two is a cute nickname for the blog 🙂

    We did a gender reveal also for family & friends. We had a big party (40+ people) and had confetti poppers, we all stood in a circle and popped them at the same time and watched pink confetti fly everywhere – it was awesome, I’m SO glad we did it! Everyone (including me & my husband) thought I was having a boy, so we were all shocked when we saw the pink!

    • Stephanie

      Good, glad you like The Wee Two for a name! Oh my gosh, confetti poppers sound like so much fun. I love when it’s a big surprise! Congrats!

  2. Kelly G

    Congrats on boy #2! Brothers will have so much fun together 🙂 Love your cupcake gender reveal idea! the painting is too cute too!

  3. JennyinAZ

    Congratulations on baby boy #2! I don’t know if we’ll do a gender reveal or not. Probably not, we’re not patient enough I don’t think!
    ….and now I want cupcakes 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Thank you Jenny! I know, it was so hard to wait but it was fun to find out outside of the tech’s room. I hope you go get a cupcake! 🙂

  4. Caroline

    So happ for you all and those cupcakes look delicious!
    We chose not to find out at our recent scan. We had a trainee do the scan who respected this and called it ‘baby’ for the first 5 minutes of the scan.?.until her supervisor came in and asked if we had a good baby or an awkward one. Scanner said “he’s a good one, this one”. The only slip up, or was it?! They called it ‘baby’ for the rest of the scan. Do we now assume it’s a boy or just a generic use of the term?! Argh! 18 weeks and we’ll know, I suppose! 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Thank you! That is a random question, haha, about a good baby or an awkward one. Oh geez, a slip-up, not fair! How exciting though either way, congrats!



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