Oh, does that sound a bit dramatic??  WELL THAT’S HOW I FEEL.  The black monstrosity also known as the biggest whirlpool tub ever also known as our home’s eyesore is gone folks.  It took three adult men most of one morning to remove it but they were successful.

black tub

I wanted to blog a bit more this week but it has been crazy town over here.  As you can see we’re finally having our bathroom redone and I’m doing really well… complaining about it.  The guys who are working on it have been awesome and I know it will all be worth it in the end but whining makes me feel better so HA.

Can I just say?  The water has been turned on and off, the door’s been open so the house is freezing, there’s been constant noise, and the dust, OHMYWORD the dust, it covers everything!  Then there’s the whole walking downstairs in the middle of the night to pee (because there is no toilet upstairs currently), which happens every few hours to this preggo lady.  Oh and my child is supposed to sleep in a pack n play in the basement amongst all this commotion!?!?!  Haha, the universe laughs at me.

And this isn’t the only major thing going on with us right now. It’s mostly good stuff so I really shouldn’t complain but just because I shouldn’t doesn’t mean I won’t.  Being an adult is like SO stressful you guys. (Said in the stereotypical ditsy blonde accent for those of you who can’t read the humor in my writing.)  And why have a personal blog if you can’t use it to ALL CAPS WHINE TO YOUR READERS ONCE IN A WHILE.  Duh.

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  1. Jenn

    YAY for the gone tub. Sorry the rest of the process is aggravating right now. How long is the renovation supposed to take?

  2. Kelly G

    YAY and no that thing was an eye sore to you so no worries. I think you’re allowed to be a bit of a whiner while pregnant during this whole construction thing but it will look gorgeous in the end, just have to see the light at the end! And yea I say that all the time, being an adult is hard! LOL

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Kelly! It was totally worth that super long and frustrating week! I know, why is “adulting” so annoying sometimes?? haha

  3. Margy

    Whoo-hoooo! Buh-bye black tub!

    And complain away! It’s your blog, you can do what you want! And yea, being a grown-up is hard! 😉

  4. Kelly J

    Being an adult IS stressful! Congrats on finally being free of the black tub. Looking forward to seeing all the after pictures!


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