Guys, I’m running out of awkward plays on words using “bump” for blog post titles.  Remember Bumpyland or Bumptastic?  So last year, right?  Haha.  For this pregnancy each bump post will be A Bump and a something starting with the letter B.  (The first one was A Bump and a Boy, the boy because I started taking bump photos with The Wee One each week.)

Sooo I feel like I should share a pregnancy symptom update like I used to do.  The thing is it all feels normal, and similar, and I’m not sure I have anything to add to my complaints from last time, haha.  Major symptoms still include feeling extra emotional, constipation, heartburn, slight insomnia, and fatigue.  I have been very lucky with mild symptoms both times.

I have been feeling a lot more movement this pregnancy, which is super exciting!  Baby Boy loves to wiggle around and this time it is borderline distracting to me when I’m doing other things because I can feel him so often.  But movement is truly one of the best parts of pregnancy.  It makes you feel so connected to the baby growing inside you.  I love it.

16 Weeks




17 Weeks

We’re dressed up this week because of The Cuz Man’s baptism.




18 Weeks

My 32nd birthday!  I already shared about my special day but I want to reiterate that it was my first time being pregnant on a birthday and that was a cool feeling sharing it with baby boy #2!




I’m 22 weeks already(!) so there might be another bump post sooner rather than later!

This kid.  This face.  Love.


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