The Wee One sported two different looks this year for two reasons, 1) it’s fun and 2) he needed a costume to wear to his party with his fellow toddler friends because his other one didn’t make sense without The Cuz Man.

First up, introducing Dr. Wee One. I was able to snap a few photos of him before he headed into post-op to meet with a patient.  He’s a very busy man you know.



The Wee One loved wearing his stethoscope, which we all thought he would get annoyed with but no, he he wore it even when his costume wasn’t on.  The good part about this costume was it came with toys and it can be used as a dress-up outfit later on.

For his next transformation, The Wee One joined forces with his cousin to represent a powerful and opposing duo.  See if you can recognize them.


Tough, right?  😉  The Cuz Man is Apple and The Wee One is Microsoft, and they are opposing logos!!  Haha, that’s right, we’re a tech-loving family and proud of it.  The costumes are pretty amazing, made with felt and velcro, and can fit over coats as well.  Cousin Jo’s GF made them for us and I absolutely love them!  Such a great idea to use something soft and movable on a kid.


The Scottish and I wanted to get in on the fun too so we had Cousin Jo and her GF make us nerdy computer shirts to wear as well.


Mine is hard to see but it says “loading…” (get it??), and his is an error code that cracks me up because duh, husbands don’t get opinions!  I’m joking!  Kind of.  For example if we decide to pick up something quick for dinner and he asks me what I want and I say anything works, and then he suggests pizza and I say not pizza and then he suggests McDonald’s and I say not McDonald’s and then he says so what do you want and I say, I’m really hungry,so anything but it’s not true I just can’t figure out what I want and then we end up with sandwiches once I finally make up mind.  You know, it’s like that.

Our little tech-y family.


I have to share Cousin Jo and GF’s costumes because they are both pretty awesome.  Can you guess what they are?  (Answer will be at the end of the post.)


The boys trick or treated for the first time this year and went to a total of two houses, but it was pretty adorable.  First stop, Grandpa and Grandma’s.

Why does The Wee One look so confused in every photo??


Grandpa MN letting us in for some candy!


And later the boys playing with the cozy coupe.  Such good cousins!


We actually had a good amount of trick or treaters this year as well.  I discovered my husband hates answering the door and giving candy to children so I was stuck with the job most of the night, but I didn’t mind.  He thinks he needs to make small talk or something and I’m like, no, just throw two pieces in each bucket, murmur Happy Halloween under your breath, and watch out for double dippers.

I enjoy this holiday so much more now that I have a kid.  It’s wonderful watching him experience things for the first time and something as simple as a pumpkin bucket made him super happy for weeks.  Maybe next year I’ll be able to convince The Scottish to carve pumpkins and let me dress up McKenna (he really dislikes animals in costume- LAME)!  Also, confession time, I feel sick from the amount of candy I’ve been eating.  How about you?  Time to detox before cookie season!

How was your Halloween this year?  Did you or your little one dress up?

Answer: A deviled egg and Miss Frizzle.  Were you right?

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8 Responses to “Our Nerdy Halloween”

  1. Jenn

    We had a Miss Frizzle at our Halloween party this year! Her costume was really amazing, she made her dress out of a galaxy print material and had a crinoline underneath and everything–she’s a really impressive costumer 🙂

    Dr. Wee One is adorable, and I love the geeky t-shirts y’all wore. “Loading” is absolutely brilliant 🙂

  2. Kelly G

    CUTE costumes, all around 🙂 I loved handing out the candy and commenting on the little one’s costumes. hubby was just like – here ya go…. He said – you are good at it, it’s better if you hand it out 😉

  3. CoCo

    OMG. Dr. Wee is SO FREAKING CUTE. Also loved the cousins duo costumes. Quite funny and witty!

  4. Rachel

    These are fantastic! My husband could certainly sport a shirt with that error message. :):)


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