I have a new pregnancy symptom and it’s a weird one!!  I cannot handle anything remotely spicy or my tongue feels like it’s on fire.  Seriously, it’s like this awful burning and it becomes so distracting I can’t even finish my meal many times.  Sure, pregnancy can affect your taste buds and you may have cravings or aversions to things but this tongue on fire thing is totally new for me.

Granted, I’ve never been a fan of spicy foods, I grew up on my mother’s cooking and she didn’t season a thing, but still the things that are too spicy for me are a bit outrageous. For example, I can’t eat the chicken at Chipotle.  How sad is that?!?  And then there’s the enchilada sauce I use in my enchiladas.  Umm, I guess I won’t be making those for the next few months.  Other culprits include Asian style salad dressings, sausage and pepperoni on pizza, and I wish I was kidding when I said even my toothpaste tastes oddly strong and tangy these days.  Sheesh!

On to the bump pics!

At 19w1d we found out the sex of our second child is a boy!  We celebrated with blue gender reveal cupcakes, a blue pumpkin, and blue balloons.  It was an emotional and special week for us finding out we were going to have brothers, and I always tend to find myself more anxious to meet my little one after the midway point.

19 Weeks


The Wee One was in a silly and cuddly mood so we got a lot of fun photos this week.  We like to point to my belly and tell him that’s where his baby is, and sometimes when we ask “Where’s the baby?” he does go to my belly.  It’s so precious.





20 Weeks


And some weeks, the last thing The Wee One wants to do is stand still for photos!



21 Weeks




Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. Kelly G

    awww melts my heart! so cute. Mollie also had a reaction to spicy foods while pregnant. Her lips swelled up twice their size after eating chicken wings! LOL Needless to say she avoided them the rest of the pregnancy.


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