Does anyone remember the DramaLite series I started many moons ago?   I know, I barely do too, but it was a series of posts that all shared something embarrassing about me. I find it’s really important to be able to laugh at yourself, and being a klutz, I have many opportunities to do so.

Let me set the scene.  I’m out to lunch with a fellow mama friend and her daughter.  We are at a restaurant in the Mall of America.  We are sitting in a booth.  The kiddos have booster seats on the inside and we are sitting on the outside.  The booths at this particular restaurant are elevated on a step so you are sitting higher than the floor.

Throughout lunch my kid starts to get antsy and I give him a piece of paper to play with, and of course it falls under the booth.  Stupid me, why did I let him hold that?!?  It was too important to leave there so I asked my friend if she could hold The Wee One so I could move my bag and his booster seat around to get under the table and pick up the little card.  She says sure.

I then hoist The Wee One up into my arms, turn my swollen body to the opening of my booth seat and proceed to tumble to the ground, missing the step down completely!  PREGNANT LADY DOWN while HOLDING HER TODDLER.  We both hit the floor.  My knee is stinging and my elbow is scraped up but I’m more worried about my kid who is crying.  After a quick examination, it’s clear The Wee One is not hurt, but most likely crying from embarrassment.  Just like me on the inside.

My friend was kind enough to not laugh at us, but I’m sure it was a hilarious sight.  Our fall was graceful yet swift and probably similar to a tree collapsing in the forest after being cut down.

Well, we dusted ourselves off, and I handed The Wee One to my friend so I could dive under the table to pick up that piece of paper.  After all, I was on a mission.

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