Christmas Checklist and So Long Til January

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my little cow my little cow

Hello lovely readers.  I will be taking a blogging break for the rest of the holiday season but I wanted to share one last post before that happens! I swear the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas felt like it flew by this year, partly because Thanksgiving was pretty late, partly because the weather has been decently warm for December and we haven’t had much snow, and partly because life is just plain busy! We always have grand plans to make the most of the holiday season and this time Read more […]

The Mind Game That is Nap Time

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at mommy's OB appt at mommy's OB appt

ARGGHHHH.  I’ve tried to write about The Wee One’s most recent nap transition for weeks now!  But since it’s always changing and it’s not the most exciting topic, I’ve pushed it off.  Well, no more.  I really want to have this post to look back on when my next kiddo reaches the same transition, so bear with me.  I will be posting random cute photos in attempts to hold your interest. 🙂 For some reason The Wee One loves watching our vacuum.  He likes to follow The Scottish around and stand Read more […]

Preggo the Second Time-o

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DSC09481 DSC09481

I love reading those hilarious posts about how different a woman’s second pregnancy is to her first.  It happens to all of us.  We have more time to obsess and plan during the first one and during the second one it’s a blur of parenthood mixed with pregnancy.  Here’s my list of the biggest differences. My first pregnancy we had timed everything perfectly and I was charting my cycle.  I peed on lots of tests and I remember the night before I found out I was pregnant The Scottish and I went Read more […]

The First Snowman and Crying on Santa’s Lap

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DSC01882 DSC01882

I’m feeling really low energy this week so I’m going to keep this post simple and photo-heavy. We just had a relatively warm autumn for Minnesota and now we are having a very mild winter which I’m really enjoying!  Minnesota’s first major snowfall was a bit later than usual this year and it’s already melted and gone! But before it left I got The Wee One all bundled up one afternoon and when Grandma MN stopped by she helped him make his first snowman (snowperson?).  Yay! The snow Read more […]

Blogging About My Bubble

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DSC01583 DSC01583

I’ve been feeling extra emotional these days.  Pregnancy hormones are mostly to blame, but let’s be honest, I cry at the drop of a hat even when I’m not pregnant.  There are so many thoughts zipping through my head at all times, so much to do in preparation for baby #2, and yet, so much joy and gratefulness in the everyday little things.  Life is good, and we’re really trying to make the most of this blessed time of year. However shiny my little bubble is, there is turmoil, death, sorrow, Read more […]

A Bump and a Blood Test

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DSC00947 DSC00947

Time for some preggo updates people! First off, I have a bummer of a new symptom going on, nerve and back pain.  🙁  This is really bad because the pain i’m feeling is eerily reminiscent of the pain I felt before my back surgery for a herniated disc in 2011.  Read that story HERE if you are so inclined. During my last pregnancy I had very little issues with back pain and the discomfort I did experience was much later on. This time around it started shortly after the midway mark of 20 weeks Read more […]

Dirty Diapers, Delicious Dinner, and Doorbuster Deals

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L tree 201415 L tree 201415

We had such a nice four-day holiday weekend that going back to regularly scheduled life programming has been a little tough for me. A Monday that started off normally was made worse by an epic toddler tantrum post-nap.  The Wee One’s meltdowns are completely typical behavior for his age but it’s still frustrating.  It must be so difficult for him to want something but be unable to communicate what that is, and now that we’ve taught him “please” and “thank you” in sign language I’m pretty sure Read more […]