Time for some preggo updates people!

First off, I have a bummer of a new symptom going on, nerve and back pain.  🙁  This is really bad because the pain i’m feeling is eerily reminiscent of the pain I felt before my back surgery for a herniated disc in 2011.  Read that story HERE if you are so inclined.

During my last pregnancy I had very little issues with back pain and the discomfort I did experience was much later on. This time around it started shortly after the midway mark of 20 weeks (I’m currently 26 weeks and it’s gotten worse, eek).

I’m sure the stress on my back from carrying The Wee One around is not helping things and that plus the extra baby weight is putting pressure on my already deflated disc which then sends pain down the nerve on my left backside and leg. Often I will simply move or walk funny and cry out in pain because I hit that nerve wrong.  I’m slightly nervous about how much worse it could get but also trying to stay positive and idealistic that the pain will go away after baby arrives.

The more normal side of this is the back fatigue I feel after standing too much or walking for too long.  That is a typical side effect of pregnancy no matter what your back history!  I’m doing my best to rest when I can and I am slowly trying to hold The Wee One less and less but that is a work in progress!  Also, I’ve realized that motherhood is like 99% bending over.  Which is no fun while pregnant.  You bend over to put on their shoes, to pick up toys, to pick them up, to clean the house, to throw away food crumbs, to catch them before they fall, etc, etc, the bending never ends!

Moving on, let’s get to the good stuff, the photos!

22 Weeks

This week was the big Vikings/Bears game so of course we had to dress up in support of our favorite team!  OK, OK, so The Wee One has not officially chosen a side but the only football stuff he has are Vikings related.  He really needs a Bears jersey to match his Daddy!




23 Weeks


I forced McKenna to join me for a bump shot, she was not impressed


Family photo!


24 Weeks

This week I had to take my gestational diabetes test which is blood test an hour after the consumption of 50 grams of glucose for those who don’t know.  I was nervous yet again because the thought of a GD diet and pricking my finger every day fills me with anxiety but obviously I would do it if I had to for my baby.  Luckily, I passed and did not have to go on to take the 3 hour test.  PHEW!

I know I’m not alone in disliking the way they test pregnant women for GD, and some women are even looking for alternatives to drinking the sugary drink (apparently jelly beans are another option, crazy huh!).  I wasn’t too bothered with the test in my last pregnancy but this time I was pretty annoyed about how it went down.  I have liked everything else about my new OB practice except how they handled the GD test.  I felt like they wanted me to fail just so they could test again to see if I really had gestational diabetes.  Sure, that was probably all in my head but the initial GD screening can lead to many false positives.

Last time I was able to test at 28 weeks, this time I had to test at 24 weeks.  The time-frame is normal for both but 24 weeks felt SO early to me and I also had to test before Thanksgiving, boo.

At my last OB practice I was able to take the drink home, keep it in my fridge and drink it within five minutes on my way to my doctor’s appt. The Scottish and I chatted which took my mind off the intensely sugary drink.  This time I was given the drink in a HUGE Styrofoam cup (that looked like way more than 8 ounces but how would I know, they had taken it out of it’s proper packaging!) and forced to drink it while I got my blood pressure taken and with a nurse staring at me.  I swear it was 30 seconds later when she said, “You have two minutes left.”  Umm, excuse me, that was the fastest three minutes of my life!  And it really burned my throat this time, probably because I had to guzzle it down so fast.  Sheesh.

Finally, the OB told me I had to be below one number but the nurse gave me a different number that was 5 points lower.  So I passed, but barely.  I’m sure if I have another pregnancy the number will be even lower and it will be impossible to pass!

Again, back to the good stuff.  I really love how my hair looks in this photo!  Hmm, let me see… that would be one good hair day in the last 5 months, sa-weet!  🙂


Yeeeeeaaa, The Wee One wasn’t so happy about posing for the camera this week.



My boys.


And this face.


What was your experience with the GD test if you’ve had one?


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  1. Kelly G

    I’ll be praying for your back/nerve pain! Love all the pics, esp the one of wee one feeling your belly 🙂 Glad you passed the GD test, I’ve seen my sis do the shots and it is NOT fun at all and she really had to watch her diet. Keep doing what you can to alleviate weight from your back. HUGS!


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