I love reading those hilarious posts about how different a woman’s second pregnancy is to her first.  It happens to all of us.  We have more time to obsess and plan during the first one and during the second one it’s a blur of parenthood mixed with pregnancy.  Here’s my list of the biggest differences.

My first pregnancy we had timed everything perfectly and I was charting my cycle.  I peed on lots of tests and I remember the night before I found out I was pregnant The Scottish and I went to a movie in Kansas and I had this overwhelming happy feeling that this could be it.  My second pregnancy I was way overdue for my period and had a squinter of line before our annual family camping trip.  I managed to push it out of my mind all weekend and came home to test again and saw two super dark lines.  Holy surprise Batman!  We were not officially trying but we were truly overjoyed.

First pregnancy you think about being pregnant daily, second pregnancy you forget you’re pregnant at least once a day.

First pregnancy you can wear your regular clothing until the end of the first trimester, second pregnancy you barely make it three weeks before your pants won’t button and you have to switch to maternity.

13 weeks with The Wee One


13 Weeks with The Wee Two


First pregnancy you avoid all caffeine, second pregnancy you try to avoid having both a latte AND a pop (yay caffeine), but it doesn’t always happen.  Oops.

First pregnancy everyone is really excited for you and ask you about it constantly, second pregnancy even your family forget there’s going to be another little one coming soon.

First pregnancy you always know how far along you are when someone asks, second pregnancy you usually have to stop and think about it before answering.

First pregnancy you fear labor and delivery the most, second pregnancy you fear breastfeeding around-the-clock and sleep deprivation the most.

First pregnancy you don’t imagine how having a child will affect your marriage (when it would have been a good idea to mentally prepare for that), second pregnancy you definitely imagine how a second child will affect your relationship with your first child.

First pregnancy you buy lots of baby items that you will later regret, second pregnancy you buy lots of things that you know will work better in the long-run.  And you also reuse a TON of stuff.

First pregnancy you are miserable, swollen, and utterly exhausted by month 8, second pregnancy you are miserable, swollen, and utterly exhausted by month 5.  (I keep reminding myself it’s a marathon not a sprint!)


I will add a few things we’re doing really well at that are repeats from last time.  We are keeping up with weekly bump photos for baby #2 and we’re also working hard on the nursery with plenty of time left to go  Both are proving more difficult the second time around but I can’t imagine not taking pictures and working on the nursery last-minute.

Oh and one more similarity…

First pregnancy you daydream about how your child will look, how they will feel, and smell, and as they move around in your belly you fall head over heels, madly and deeply in love with them.  Your second pregnancy is exactly the same.

I am worried about having enough time and energy in the day to meet both of my children’s needs, especially during those first few months that will be a major transition period, but I have not once worried about having enough love for baby boy #2.  He is already loved more than I could ever find ways to tell him.

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