ARGGHHHH.  I’ve tried to write about The Wee One’s most recent nap transition for weeks now!  But since it’s always changing and it’s not the most exciting topic, I’ve pushed it off.  Well, no more.  I really want to have this post to look back on when my next kiddo reaches the same transition, so bear with me.  I will be posting random cute photos in attempts to hold your interest. 🙂

For some reason The Wee One loves watching our vacuum.  He likes to follow The Scottish around and stand in the way and the noise doesn’t bother him in the least!  This must have been post bath time because he’s wearing his towel like a cape, haha.

watching Daddy vacuum

The Transition:

Going from two naps a day to one nap a day.

The Criteria:

Your child will likely be 15-18 months old but possibly slightly younger or slightly older.  We actually tried to transition around 13 months because I panicked after a few bad mornings.  It was clear he needed the two naps until he hit the 15 month mark almost exactly.

Your child will take longer to fall asleep for their morning nap (crying, chatting, or otherwise), they might start waking up after a short time, or they might start skipping it all together!  Check.

Be prepared for this transition to take weeks and even months (yep!).  It is not an abrupt shift and your child might go back and forth between one and two naps a day.

The Goal:

Gradually move the morning nap later and later in the day, dropping the second nap when it makes sense, and then shoot for a 1 to 1:30 PM start time for the main nap.

We kind of did this… only our pushing back of the morning nap was not so gradual.

This past weekend The Scottish put together the IKEA wardrobe for baby brother’s room!  It feels so good to have the painting and the closet done.  Next up, the wall decal, the crib, the dresser, and the bookshelf.

baby bro's wardrobe all done

The Issue:

Every day is different!  A lot of our life depends on what time The Wee One wakes up in the morning and the lack of consistency drives me batty.  It’s so tricky scheduling classes and play dates when you aren’t sure when your kid will be napping and when your mama friends are in the same boat!

Some days The Wee One still needs two naps, but most days he can stay awake until after lunch time and take only one.  The problem is when he takes one nap it’s too short.  Like, crazy short, like 45 minutes short!  And then he wakes up super crabby and emotional because he’s still tired and I have a crying toddler on my hands for 30 plus minutes.  I’m not exaggerating.

Then there are those magical unicorn days where he sleeps for 1.5 or 2 hours with no rhyme or reason why.  When he wakes up too early I usually let him cry for a bit to see if he’ll go back down but it’s incredibly rare that he does.  The Wee One’s average nap length is still only an hour long which is too short in my opinion.  I was under the impression he would be combining the two one hour naps he used to take into one looong afternoon nap.

Case in point, I remember when I was a nanny and Littlest C was taking one nap a day she would sleep anywhere from 2 to 3 hours at a time!  I’d have to wake her up so we could pick up Big C at school!

Maybe I sound whiny and ridiculous but I’m a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and this affects me 7 days a week.  I don’t have daycare providers or a nanny setting up a nap schedule for me to follow, and I am the one who deals with the consequences of an over-tired child.

What’s the big deal if he sleeps less one day and more the next?  It’s a big deal because I value my sanity!  Nap time is break time, adult time, get stuff done time, rest time, and use the bathroom in peace time.  And trust me when I say, nap time is the fastest part of the day, unfortunately.

The Scottish and The Mother think this is just another phase and as The Wee One gets older, he will sleep longer for his one nap.  Sure, it makes sense, because everything having to do with children is a phase.  Just when I get used to this, and I already am quite used to it, he’ll through me another curve ball.

The Solution:

Wait it out.  Change my mindset.  And rest when he rests.

I struggle with feeling guilty about napping when The Wee One naps but pregnancy, back pain, and toddler-induced fatigue are all good reasons for me to lay down when I can.  And because he’s an amazing husband, The Scottish encourages me to rest as much as possible.  I love him.

And don’t worry, I’m fully aware that when I have two kids nap time will most likely be the least of my concerns and baby #2 will have to go with the flow a lot more than his big brother does now.

But I have two points to say about that: 1) I like my schedule driven life.  It works for my son and I.  2) Sleep begets sleep.  The better and longer The Wee One sleeps during the day the better and longer he sleeps at night (and vice versa).

The End.

Finally, aren’t these two cute reading while waiting for my 28 week ultrasound earlier this week?  Too bad The Wee One didn’t stay so chill the rest of the appointment!  🙂

at mommy's OB appt

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