Hello lovely readers.  I will be taking a blogging break for the rest of the holiday season but I wanted to share one last post before that happens!

I swear the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas felt like it flew by this year, partly because Thanksgiving was pretty late, partly because the weather has been decently warm for December and we haven’t had much snow, and partly because life is just plain busy!

We always have grand plans to make the most of the holiday season and this time we did check a few items off our holiday list:

The Wee One visited Santa Claus.  The first time was at the Mall of America and the second time was at my parent’s church.  Neither The Wee One or The Cuz Man were into sitting on Santa’s lap but we have a picture of them and no one is crying, that is success!

Photo by The BIL

Santa at church

We attempted to drive around and look at lights.  This was a slight bust because we were pressed for time and only made it to two houses, one of which hadn’t even started their “show.”  We did see a creepy Santa projected on a window that was moderately entertaining!  Looking at lights is tradition I grew up doing yearly but this was something that The Scottish really wanted to do so I told him he should make a better plan for next year.  😉  There are many places we could have gone we just didn’t do enough research.  It was still a nice memory and next year I’m sure The Wee One will actually notice and enjoy it even more!

We hosted our second annual holiday book exchange party.  I’m not sure how many years this will continue, but so far it’s been really fun to invite my very first mama friends (that I met through class) over with their little ones to eat Christmas cookies and exchange books.  We had a great time as usual and The Wee One received an awesome book!  I say “we” hosted the party because The Scottish helps me clean and prep the house for company any time I have people over and I truly appreciate it.


We tried something new.  We went to a lovely old town set up to be a village in the 1900’s all decorated for Christmas.  I’m a big fan of history and historical buildings but I wouldn’t call this experience toddler-friendly.  It was dark and muddy so The Wee One wanted to be held the entire time and there wasn’t a ton to do.  I think it would be better suited for older children.  We did listen to carols being sung in the old church and enjoyed a horse-drawn trolley ride through the village.

My favorite building was the old barbershop and The Wee One was really interested in the tub.  The boy loves his baths, haha!
barber shop

old tub

We let The Wee One open some gifts early.  I grew up traveling at Christmas time and so far The Wee One is on the same path, as we are going to North Dakota again for his second Christmas.  I’m sure at some point we will celebrate in the Twin Cities but even then we have big plans to go to Scotland every few years for Christmas as well.  It’s a pain to pack anything extra and it’s tough to leave out stocking stuffers when you’re not in your own home with your stockings. Thus, we don’t see any point in waiting until Christmas to open gifts, especially when they come from faraway family and friends!


The Wee One loves unwrapping packages!  Too bad his mom despises wrapping things and therefore all of his stocking stuffers from Santa will not be wrapped.  🙂

The Wee One participated in the church’s Christmas pageant.  I’ve been directing the Drama Team at my parent’s church since I returned to Minnesota in early 2014 and the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth is told every year in a new way with kids of all ages involved.  My little guy got to be an animal in the stable scene.  Isn’t he the cutest cow ever?  He even knows how to moo!

my little cow

We got The Wee One hooked on a holiday movie!  The Wee One is not a movie guy, if he watches anything it’s a 15 minute episode of Elmo’s World on a phone but I have this image of us snuggling together on the couch so I bought him a movie I used to love watching when I was little, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  He still doesn’t sit through the whole thing but now he picks up the case and points at the TV when he wants to watch Rudolph, which has been every day the last week or so.  It’s adorable and next year I hope to add another favorite to his collection.

In addition to all of that we also decorated our house, sent out holiday cards, baked cookies, and bought The Wee One and The Cuz Man matching Christmas pj’s.  🙂  The Sister and I are in charge of orchestrating some sort of Christmas program for the family on Christmas Eve because we have the young kiddos now and I think we’ve come up with something pretty darn cute.  I also can’t wait for my Grandma’s chili and the Christmas Eve church service we go to in Bismarck.

Next year I hope to add a few more holiday inspired events and start a tradition of donating some of The Wee One’s old toys to children in need.

Before I conclude I want to wish you all a happy new year since I won’t be back until the week of January 4th.  I’m already brainstorming a few posts so you can look forward to updated bump photos, a Christmas Eve/Day recap, musings for the new year, nursery updates for baby #2, my fears about giving birth again(!), and more!

Cheers to 2016!  May it bring you all the good you could ever dream of and even some you haven’t yet imagined!  Thanks for reading Drama Happens.  And since I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, Happy Everything from our family to yours!!

Here’s one final photo of The Wee One and The Cuz Man playing with their rocking horse presents from The Glue and The Tape.  SO FUN.

rocking horse



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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Steph! Looking forward to reading more in 2016!!


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