The Wee One: 18 Month Update

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DSC03452 DSC03452

The Wee One is a year and a half old!  WHOA!! And it’s been a while (six months) since I posted an update about him.  We had his 18 month appointment this past Friday and it went really well!  The Wee One is following his growth tracks and is right where he should be developmentally.  The pediatrician said the hardest age to examine is 18 months but The Wee One was particularly easy.  To her credit, she did a great job of chatting with us first and keeping things very nonchalant.  She Read more […]

Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend

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My apologies for going MIA at the end of last week, that might continue to happen every so often in the next few weeks as I near my due date.  Sure, I’m feeling overwhelmed and tired but that I can normally push through.  However, much like my last pregnancy, in approaching month 8 I have become anxiety-ridden.  I’m a worrier by nature but being extra hormonal, swollen, and emotional, it’s gotten worse recently. I am no stranger to anxiety over things like money, life changes, and travel, Read more […]

A Bump and a Bouncing Belly

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DSC02129 DSC02129

My 28 week appointment was not just a normal appointment. Due to my low-lying placenta I was scheduled for a follow-up ultrasound.  Exactly like my first pregnancy, I found out my placenta had moved since the anatomy scan and I was cleared to give birth!  It was nice to see baby boy again and this time we brought The Wee One so he could experience a sonogram too.  He was great for the ultrasound part but umm, a handful for the rest.  Overall he did well considering how long we were there! The Read more […]

To My First Born

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DSC02217 DSC02217

Dear Wee One, You won’t remember the 19 months it was you, me, and Daddy, but I will.  You will only know life with a younger brother in it, but I will remember all the moments we had as a family of three, and the days we spent just the two of us. July 22, 2014, you made me a mother with your entrance into this world after a looooong labor and 2.5 hours of pushing.  It was painful but one of the best things to ever happen to me. You were a typical newborn, and those early days Read more […]

3 Wedding Bands in 3 Years

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holiday party holiday party

OK.  I’ll admit it!  I have commitment issues… with wedding bands. For some reason I can’t seem to commit to one style or one right!  But that’s not the only reason I’m on my THIRD wedding band with our third year anniversary around the corner.  It’s because the rings I’ve picked have had major issues of their own. While we were engaged I was so unsure of which way to go with a wedding band.  The Scottish did such a great job picking out a princess cut center stone set in a band with smaller Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: What’s Your Favorite Sitcom?

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Is anyone else ready to be done with this week?  Did you feel like you were slogging through it?  Or did you have to go back to work in between Christmas and New Year’s and you’re sick of hearing about people’s long breaks? The Scottish’s recent week off was a week off for me as the primary care-giver of The Wee One.  It was awesome!  Not to say that this week was bad, but it was tougher.  I’m feeling really tired again and despite my best efforts I’ve been lifting and bending too much. Read more […]

A Bump and Back Pain

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DSC01197 DSC01197

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a bump update.  Let’s see, what was going on then… a whole lot of normal pregnancy stuff that’s what.  If I remember correctly, this is when my back pain was at it’s worse.  Right around Thanksgiving, lucky me!  What is it with me and icky holidays this year??  Ugh. But I don’t want to talk about the bad stuff, let’s get to the good stuff!  If I remember correctly, around 25 weeks is when we started making progress on baby boy’s nursery, buying and Read more […]

It’s The Most Sickiest Time of the Year

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DSC02784 DSC02784

Heeeey Everybody!  I missed you guys.  And I missed blogging.  Although taking a break is always beneficial to me because I come back itching to share my stories and thoughts.  The Scottish had last week off from work and it’s been amazing!  I loving extra family time and it’s so stinkin’ cute to see how much The Wee One loves playing with and hanging on to his Daddy. My back has felt really good lately and I know that’s because I’ve carried The Wee One A LOT less recently.  Alas, it’s Read more […]