Heeeey Everybody!  I missed you guys.  And I missed blogging.  Although taking a break is always beneficial to me because I come back itching to share my stories and thoughts.  The Scottish had last week off from work and it’s been amazing!  I loving extra family time and it’s so stinkin’ cute to see how much The Wee One loves playing with and hanging on to his Daddy.

My back has felt really good lately and I know that’s because I’ve carried The Wee One A LOT less recently.  Alas, it’s time to get back into our old routine.  I am excited for some one-on-one time with my son and to get back to our classes and play dates.

Before I go any further, Happy New Year friends!!  It’s 2016!!  I’m having a baby this year, ack!  🙂

30-31 weeks

Time to recap our Christmas 2015.  (sigh)  Guys.  There are no words.  Having a stomach flu go through your family during the happiest time of year while pregnant and attempting an 8 hour drive with a toddler and a dog is one cruel joke.  Unfortunately, it happened to us.  First The Wee One got the bug, then I got it, and finally The Scottish got it while we were in North Dakota.  By some miracle we managed to keep it between the three of us but we weren’t the only sickies to arrive in Bismarck.  Many people had awful colds and as The Glue joked, “It was a cesspool of germs.”

The poor Wee One also caught a cold virus just in time for Christmas Eve and we had 3/3 TERRIBLE nights of sleep while we were there.  The Scottish, The Wee One, and I all slept in the same room and our poor little guy was miserable and waking up in the middle of the night.  When he did sleep his coughing kept The Scottish and I awake.  I even tried sleeping on the couch one night but being pregnant it was hard to get comfortable.  Oh and then there were early morning wake-ups!  Our formally amazing sleeper was waking up at 4 and 5 AM on this trip.  The Scottish and I were beyond exhausted from lack of sleep and fatigued and weak from the flu bug.  Honestly, I could cry thinking about it all again.

The poor Cuz Man wasn’t sleeping well either so at least the boys could play together in the mornings and thankfully Grandma MN was always around to help out.  BUT STILL.   Christmas on no sleep doesn’t feel very Christmas-y if you know what I mean.  (And The Wee One has still not transitioned back to his normal sleep pattern of 7 to 7.  These early morning wake-ups need to stop especially because we have a newborn coming our way in a matter of weeks!)

But there’s an upside and a silver lining to everything.  We survived the trip and we got to be with family, extended and immediate.  We played a ton of games including Bunco, a family favorite.  We got to watch the boys open gifts and entertain everyone with their adorable antics.  We got to see Star Wars (thanks to built-in family babysitters)!!  And we got to see my Grandma J.  She is the main reason we drive to North Dakota and it was wonderful to see her healthy and doing well.  🙂

Time for photos, eh?

The Wee One LOVED his stocking stuffers from Santa even thought the concept of Santa Claus is completely lost on him.  However, he can point out the guy in the red suit in books when asked.


This is a family photo taken on Christmas Eve.  Trust me, there is sickness behind our eyes but at least we managed a decent photo.


Great-Grandma with her great-grandsons.


My parents and their three children plus appendages as The Mother would say.  Seems so long ago that it was just the five of us.


The Wee One and The Cuz Man had so much fun opening their gifts and we had fun watching!




Finally, this was our rockin’ New Year’s Eve this year…


The Scottish and I drinking fake sparkling wine and watching TV on the couch.  Oh and we played Ticket to Ride and Yahtzee.  Party animals, haha!!  But I suppose that’s what happens when one of you is sick with a cold and one of you is pregnant and you have a toddler to put to bed at 7 PM.

I’m not complaining, in fact, spending my NYE in yoga pants with my favorite person was pretty amazing.  And I know it will get busier as our kiddos get older so we should enjoy the quiet times now!

I’m curious, do any of you have a special meal you eat on NYE?  Like black-eyed peas for luck or something extra-fancy you wouldn’t normally eat?  I keep hearing about special meals for the NYE and I’m thinking maybe I should start a tradition.  This year, I made guacamole (because I was craving it) and chicken stir-fry.  My boys enjoyed both so maybe it will become our yearly thing.  That is if we can remember to eat it again next year!

Did you ring in the New Year quietly like us or did you go out? Anyone have a special or unique NYE meal?

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2 Responses to “It’s The Most Sickiest Time of the Year”

  1. Kelly G

    OH NO! I’m sorry you were all sick over Christmas, that is no fun. We went to the casino for NYE and ate at the buffet. But growing up my mom always made chili cheese dip w/ tortilla chips as our ‘appetizer’. We looked forward to it every year! Then we just stayed home and played board games 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Kelly! The casino sounds fun! I loved NYE growing up too, we played bunco and had tons of junk food and got to stay up late, yay!


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