Is anyone else ready to be done with this week?  Did you feel like you were slogging through it?  Or did you have to go back to work in between Christmas and New Year’s and you’re sick of hearing about people’s long breaks?

The Scottish’s recent week off was a week off for me as the primary care-giver of The Wee One.  It was awesome!  Not to say that this week was bad, but it was tougher.  I’m feeling really tired again and despite my best efforts I’ve been lifting and bending too much.  And dealing with The Wee One’s crazy nap schedule was its own form of torture.  Is my kid joking with a 30 minute nap?!?!  I can barely put away the dishes let alone rest, ahhhh!

Anyway, based on social media it sounds like all of us are back into the thick of things while battling the dark depressive time that is January.  Sure it’s cold and gloomy outside in Minnesota, but as the days countdown to my due date in early March, I’m pleading with life to slow down just a little.  My baby is going to be a big brother soon and life is going to change in a wonderful way.

It’s time for me to savor every moment with my first-born, the good and the not-so-good ones.  The Wee One is a ton of fun right now and I love his cheeky smile, his deep laugh, and the way he dances with his arms in the air.  I want to remember it all forever and ever.  My almost 18 month old might be exhausting but he’s also the most amazing person in my world.

Before I start crying… let’s switch topics.  I have a random question for you guys because we all need a few extra laughs after the holidays are over.  And because I’m just plain curious.

The other day The Scottish and I were discussing our favorite situational comedies and I decided to rank our top five.


  1. Will and Grace
  2. Modern Family
  3. Friends
  4. Big Bang Theory
  5. MASH

(And I’ll add honorable mentions for The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond because I love love Patricia Heaton.  I’m so indecisive.)

The Scottish:

  1. Arrested Development
  2. Modern Family
  3. Friends
  4. Frazier
  5. The Middle

What are your top five favorite TV comedies?  Do you agree with any of ours??

PS The Wee One’s list would just be Elmo five times.  haha.

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7 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend: What’s Your Favorite Sitcom?”

  1. Liz

    Friends for sure, but I also go to Gilmore Girls, Greek, How I Met Your Mother, the League, Workaholics

  2. Kelly G

    I had to work but took off NYE 🙂 Sorry time is going by too fast, hope the wee one can nap better soon. I love Friends, Mindy Project, Scrubs, The League, & How I Met your Mother

  3. Anita

    Yeah, no break for me 🙁 Can’t wait till March when I have vacation! My top five would be:
    1. Gilmore Girls
    2. Friends
    3. The Big Bang Theory
    4. How I Met Your Mother
    5. Golden Girls (those ladies were funny!)

    • Stephanie

      Yay for vacation coming up! Your list is awesome, I LOVE the Golden Girls too! Only show I can’t get into is How I Met Your Mother.

      • Anita

        Ah, that’s too bad! I think Lily is hilarious and her “You son of a b****” stare!


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