OK.  I’ll admit it!  I have commitment issues… with wedding bands. For some reason I can’t seem to commit to one style or one right!  But that’s not the only reason I’m on my THIRD wedding band with our third year anniversary around the corner.  It’s because the rings I’ve picked have had major issues of their own.

While we were engaged I was so unsure of which way to go with a wedding band.  The Scottish did such a great job picking out a princess cut center stone set in a band with smaller princess stones and I wanted something to compliment it without being too matchy matchy.

ring 003

Ring #1

I chose a diamond eternity band.  Well, almost eternity, there was some space without diamonds so I could get it re-sized if need be.  Very delicate and different from my engagement ring but still complimentary.  It’s hard to see the full effect because this photo was taken on the day we bought it and the ring did not fit yet, but you can get the idea.

ring cropped

It would have been a great ring to get a duplicate of on the other side for say, a five or ten-year anniversary.  This is the ring we used on our wedding day and that is the only reason I miss it.

But the quality was poor and within the first month or so it lost TWO different diamonds on two separate occasions.

missing stone

We purchased this ring from a different place than where The Scottish bought my E ring.  I’m not going to share jewelry stores names here but obviously we brought the eternity band back for a full refund.  On to the next one…

Ring #2

This time I decided to try something new and I got a thicker band with alternating princess and baguette sized diamonds.  They were very small, a total of .2 carats overall but I thought it looked really great with my engagement ring.

Taking good photos of jewelry is incredibly difficult for me and while the ring is hard to see in this photo, it’s the best I have.  it’s taken and cropped from a photo on The Sister’s wedding day when we were doing our sister shoot.

image via Crystal Liepa Photography


This band lasted a while.  It was great until after The Wee One was born when I started to get an ugly and scaly rash on my finger underneath the ring.

I was not happy.  At first people (and the oh so wise internet) thought it was an allergic reaction to something in the white gold but I wasn’t having a problem with my E ring so that didn’t make sense.  I finally discovered that a rash is a pretty common occurrence when you get soap underneath your wedding band and your hands aren’t completely dry.  I guess I was washing my hands a lot more with a baby?  Makes sense, right.  Or perhaps my ring was a bit tighter post-pregnancy, whatever the reason the rash would not go away no matter how much I dried my hands.

It was frustrating because the ridge underneath the ring that had never bothered my finger before was catching soap and causing the rash.  I had no desire to take off my rings every time I washed them, (umm no, just no), so it seemed I was out of luck.

I still own this ring but I have not been wearing it for about six months or more.  It could not be returned obviously (a rash is not their fault).  And it could not be exchanged without us doubling up or trading in the ring and also paying it’s full value toward something new (which we plan to do for diamond earrings someday).  So I had to wait for the right moment.  Well, Christmas money plus Christmas deals meant the time was right for a new wedding band…

Ring #3

This ring is JUST RIGHT.  Or at least I hope it is!  It’s pretty similar in width to my last band but it’s all princess cut stones for a total of .25 carats.  It has no cavernous ridge on its underside so there is no fear of getting soap stuck in it, and so far no rash in the couple weeks I’ve worn it!

I even managed to snap a pretty decent cell phone picture.

wedding band 3

I love how it looks and I’m happy to be wearing a wedding band again.  Since my last few weeks of pregnancy are in the winter this time as opposed to the summer, I’m hopeful I might even be able to wear my rings my entire pregnancy.

Thankfully my engagement ring has managed to stay strong these past three years in both quality and appearance.  Good work Scottish (he picked it out all by himself with some guidance on what I liked)!

Speaking of The Scottish, we went to his work holiday party this past weekend and stayed in a hotel downtown afterwards.  We usually get a hotel night for our anniversary too but since our anniversary is 3 days after my due date, we won’t be doing that this year. In any case, we cleaned up nice, and had a lovely evening.

holiday party
holiday party 3

And a fun surprise, my new Old Navy flats lasted me five hours on preggo anklets without too much discomfort.  I was majorly impressed!

old navy shoes

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  1. Margy

    All three bands are beautiful! Maybe you should just keep getting a new band every year? 😉 The new one seems like a perfect match to your e-ring! Congrats!


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