My 28 week appointment was not just a normal appointment. Due to my low-lying placenta I was scheduled for a follow-up ultrasound.  Exactly like my first pregnancy, I found out my placenta had moved since the anatomy scan and I was cleared to give birth!  It was nice to see baby boy again and this time we brought The Wee One so he could experience a sonogram too.  He was great for the ultrasound part but umm, a handful for the rest.  Overall he did well considering how long we were there!

The appointment was a bit chaotic because of course The Wee One pooped as the OB came in and I managed to cry in front of her because I felt like she wasn’t taking my back pain seriously. My OB did not mean to gloss over anything, she just talks fast and was trying to push my fears away but in the moment I simply wanted her to listen.  She believes the pain will go away when I’m not pregnant but agreed that my taking a proactive approach is the best idea.  She gave me a referral for physical therapy and it’s going well.  I’ve only been once so far but I have three exercises to do on my own.

Thanksgiving was rough on me physically and since then I’ve made a conscious effort to engage my core and bend my knees when lifting The Wee One.  I’m asking for help more and doing less, and with my exercises I’m working on strengthening my body.  I go back in a week to get a different set of exercises. While I’m tired because toddler plus third trimester + winter weather = extreme fatigue, I’m confident my back pain is under control now.

This is also the time I started to feel a ton more movement from my littlest guy!!  Like, baby dance party in my belly kind of movements as well as seeing my stomach moving from the outside.  It’s bizarre and amazing at the same time.  I know I’ve mentioned this before but having a posterior placenta means I feel baby move quite often and intensely.  He likes to kick my bladder and stretch out my sides as well as do acrobatics.  I often find myself gasping or grabbing my belly because he takes me by surprise.  But oh how I will miss these feelings when he’s on the outside!  It’s one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.

Enough chit-chat, time for bump pics!

Please note: It was brought to my attention (thank you!) that IOS users are not seeing the vertical photos correctly.  My IT guy and designer (The Scottish) looked into it but he could not recreate the problem on our PC’s or Android phones.  So my apologies to those of you who see the pictures from the wrong angle!  Until he gets his hands on a Mac or IOS phone for an extended period of time he can’t fix the problem.

28 weeks





29 weeks

I guess we didn’t get very many pics of The Wee One and the bump this week.  He was not in the mood for snuggles either.  Oh toddlers.  Please notice how sometimes we use snacks to bribe him into taking photos…




30 weeks

A couple of things, 1) MY HAIR in this weeks photos, is it for real?  Yuck.  2) McKenna, who used to run away from the camera because of its scary clicking noises, has decided she is missing out on quality family time and has been running to the hallway as soon as we start taking photos.  How is this our dog?!?  If you’re fan of this cutie, you’re in luck, McKenna will be making more appearances in bump photos in the weeks to come.




Here’s me hiding snacks at belly level hopeful for a cute shot of bump and brother.





PS Thank you for all the sweet comments and thoughts regarding last week’s mushy post! They were much appreciated. 🙂

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  1. Kelly G

    Maybe McKenna thinks she gets a treat too?? LOL. That is good to hear about you starting PT, can’t be too careful. Hang in there and yes, ask for help! 🙂 HUGS


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