The Wee One is a year and a half old!  WHOA!!


And it’s been a while (six months) since I posted an update about him.  We had his 18 month appointment this past Friday and it went really well!  The Wee One is following his growth tracks and is right where he should be developmentally.  The pediatrician said the hardest age to examine is 18 months but The Wee One was particularly easy.  To her credit, she did a great job of chatting with us first and keeping things very nonchalant.  She kept her distance until she had to touch him and let him play with her doctor tools.

I usually avoid posting semi-naked photos of my child online but this one of him at his appointment is too adorable not to share.

18 month check up

The Wee One has always done really well with fine and gross motor skills (he was feeding himself with a fork before a year old and he is already attempting jumping and standing on one leg).  However, verbally, The Wee One has advanced at a slower pace.

A little before 15 months we heard his first words, da da, up, down, ma ma, buh bye, bath, and truck.  I am being specific because thankfully I remembered to take notes at the time.

Around 16 months he began to make animal noises, like moo, baa, roar, ruff, and oink.

Speaking spontaneously didn’t happen until about 17 months.

His new favorite words include no, up, done, papa, ama (grandma), car, more, and a few others I can’t remember.  It’s so hard not to laugh when he says “no, no, no” because his crayon colors on the table by accident or he throws his ball into the blinds.  But he also says no when it’s not applicable which is even cuter.

In the past few weeks The Wee One began repeating words when we asked him to which has been fun.  He still signs for please and nods his head for yes, but we’re working on those.

Overall, months 13-15 were pretty awesome.  The Wee One learned how to walk, run, began communicating with words, and became very good at playing independently.

Months 16-18 were a bit stressful.  The Wee One decided it was time to rebel against naps and tried his hand at tantrums and meltdowns to get his way.  He’s learning (slowly) that meltdowns do NOT get him what he wants. I understand his frustration though, and as his language improves so does his behavior… for now anyway.  The Scottish and I finally got him to say “UP” when he wants to be held instead of screaming at us.  Baby steps, right?

The Wee One is getting cuddly again!  And now he gives kisses with his lips shut instead of the normal open mouthed toddler fish face that is oh so adorable.  He recently started sleeping with a toddler pillow and with books in his crib and both have helped him rest and sleep longer.  In fact, a few mornings we’ve woken up, checked the monitor, and found him reading.

Here’s a casual but blurry Mommy and Wee One selfie just because.

selfie with mommy

Overall the 18 month regression hit us hard (and early) but it seems to be passing.  I can’t speak much more about it for fear of jinxing us but I do know that just when you get used to something as a parent, your kid changes it up on you anyway, so one day at a time is the only way to go.

The Wee One still LOVES helping with the laundry, seriously I wish I could capture the twinkle in his eye that occurs when we bring up the basket of clean clothes.  He likes to grab items and fluff them out or hand them to me or just run around the room holding them.  When it’s time to put them away he grabs a few clothing pieces and follows me to the bedrooms.  It’s beyond sweet.

It’s clear our kid is just as tidy as The Scottish and I.  He likes to organize things, put toys away, and since The Mother bought him a plastic golf set he’s been pushing the container around like a vacuum but has yet to actually swing a golf club.  Hilarious.

I don’t have a picture of that but I do have one of him helping Daddy change a light bulb.

helping daddy change light bulb

The Wee One loves: being chased, yogurt, singing, balloons, anything Mommy is eating, babbling, being held, music class, coloring, watching Elmo, wrestling around in pillows and blankets, his train table, bugging McKenna, and bath time.  To name a few.


The Wee One dislikes: waking up, following a schedule that is NOT his own, and having to wait to eat.

His hair still mimics mine as a baby and it won’t lay flat for anything.  We waffle between cutting it frequently and letting it grow out.  Currently it’s the growing out stage.

Overall, our little man is relatively easy-going.  The Wee One is happy to play with anyone, adult or child, he loves to learn new things and explore new places, but he also enjoys hanging out at home.  I can’t wait to see what changes happen in the next six months as we add another family member and The Wee One becomes a two-year-old (ahhh)!!

The new exhibit at the Children’s Museum MOA location is all about dinosaurs.  Here is The Wee One digging for fossils.

children's museum

Happy 18 months kiddo!  We love you!!

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