A Bump and a Bad Cold

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cousins at church cousins at church

No, thankfully I am not sick, but The Wee One caught yet another virus recently.  ARGH!  We took him to a pediatrician, and luckily it’s a normal winter cold but the very interesting ped suggested I keep the baby in another week if possible while acknowledging I don’t really have control over that.  (shakes head) He also told me that April is more ideal for having babies.  Why on earth would you say that to someone who is 38 weeks along?  Let me just go back in my time machine…  And then Read more […]

A Bump and Buying a Minivan

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DSC03839 DSC03839

Sure, this week’s B word has little to do with my pregnancy… or does it?  We’re obviously buying a minivan because we need more space for our two kids (plus car seats), a dog, and all of the crap we take with us when we travel.  It was never all going to fit in our old vehicle, a Kia Sportage.  After lots of research and one loooong Saturday we ended up choosing a slightly used Dodge Caravan. Car buying while pregnant is a bizarre experience.  There may have been tears as we drove away Read more […]

Late Pregnancy in Summer or Winter, Which is worse??

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DSC01936 DSC01936

Ah good question, Stephanie. Why thank you, Stephanie. This is a tough question.  In general, the end of pregnancy is not very pleasant so it’s hard to pinpoint which season is worse for experiencing it.  But having gone through both, I will do my best to reach a conclusion. First off, I live in a land of extreme climate change.  We love our seasons here in Minnesota but the summers are incredibly hot and humid and the winters are freezing cold, very snowy, and seem to drag on forever. Read more […]

A Bump and Braxton Hicks

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DSC03738 DSC03738

Hi, bump time again! But first a story side note.  Recently, I went to the Mall of America by myself.  It was surreal to go somewhere at NIGHT when it’s DARK out and WITHOUT my husband or kid.  It felt bizarre walking around the mall with teenage girls and couples everywhere, a real contrast from the daytime crowd of older people, moms, and children. As I walked to my destination, I started having contractions.  Sure they were Braxton Hicks type of contractions and nothing to really worry Read more […]

Blast Off: A Nursery Reveal

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DSC03251 DSC03251

FINALLY, right??  It’s about time I share photos of baby boy’s astronomy themed nursery since we’ve been working on it off and on since Thanksgiving. First up, we had to paint the room… again.  When we first moved in we painted it lavender for a tranquil feel to the guest room but I couldn’t picture that for my little guy so we chose another grey (we love grey), in a shade or two darker than The Wee One’s room. We enlisted the help of Grandpa and Grandma MN and finished painting the Read more […]

Don’t Forget: The Time He Climbed Into the Shower With His Clothes On

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First off, Happy Birthday to The Cuz Man!  He is one year old today!  We can’t wait for his party this weekend.  Last year there was a snow storm on his day of birth and this year there is one finishing up.  I remember driving back from the hospital in awful traffic and terrible visibility with a screaming 6 month old.  Good times. Speaking of bad winter weather, I was stupid yesterday and drove a bit father than usual to meet my friends at a coffee shop/play area.  We had a great time but Read more […]

A Bump and Birthing Fears

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DSC03344 DSC03344

Yes, my friends, another bump post so soon because we are nearing the end.  It’s best I stay on top of these.  In fact, I’m almost caught up (this post ends at 33 weeks and I’m currently 35, AHHH). Soooo, this is about the time when my anxiety kicked in. You know, when all those night-time fears first reared their ugly heads.  It’s when I started to realize that life is going to change very soon. Well, duh.  But it hits you like a ton of bricks near the end and you become very fixated Read more […]