Yes, my friends, another bump post so soon because we are nearing the end.  It’s best I stay on top of these.  In fact, I’m almost caught up (this post ends at 33 weeks and I’m currently 35, AHHH).

Soooo, this is about the time when my anxiety kicked in. You know, when all those night-time fears first reared their ugly heads.  It’s when I started to realize that life is going to change very soon. Well, duh.  But it hits you like a ton of bricks near the end and you become very fixated focused..  After months of not knowing how far along I was, suddenly I could remember exactly what week of pregnancy I was in.

Baby can come any time now (they won’t stop labor soon), but baby, please wait a little longer. Having The Wee One at 39 weeks sort of spoiled me.  It was such a great week to into labor.  I was very ready to be done and tired of listening to people tell me I’d go late because it was my first kiddo.  My body had done zero preparation which made for a terribly long labor, but still, he came on his own and for that I’m so thankful.

My preference is usually to complain because it makes me feel better, but instead of being a Debbie Downer I will list the positive things going on at this tail end of pregnancy.

My back is doing really well.

My heartburn is controlled by lots of Tums.

I can still take my kid to fun places during the week.

I get to feel baby move all the time.

This is not to say I’m not an emotional, exhausted, swollen, and uncomfortable mess, because don’t worry, I AM.  But it’s manageable and it’s normal. Overall, I’m blessed to have mostly stress-free pregnancies.

31 weeks


Dr. Wee One checking out baby brother.



32 weeks

Hmm, is it obvious we barely snuck these photos in before bed time one night?  This is the maternity lounge wear I put on every night as soon as I’m done leaving the house for the day.



Is anyone missing those selfie pics with The Scottish?  Here’s one!  (Yes, the frame behind us is crooked, The Wee One likes to grab at it when he’s in my arms.)


33 weeks


Our sweet McKenna, she is the soppiest looking dog ever.  She does not photograph well but we love her all the same.  We used to call her soppy face when we first got her, but the nickname never stuck.  It still shocks how she went to hating and fleeing the camera to running TO the camera every time we start taking photos!


I feel like this one below could be found on an awkward family photo website.  My dog loves sitting on laps.


But where is that big brother? There he is!


Hello torpedo belly.



I’ll be back soonish with another bump update!

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