First off, Happy Birthday to The Cuz Man!  He is one year old today!  We can’t wait for his party this weekend.  Last year there was a snow storm on his day of birth and this year there is one finishing up.  I remember driving back from the hospital in awful traffic and terrible visibility with a screaming 6 month old.  Good times.

Speaking of bad winter weather, I was stupid yesterday and drove a bit father than usual to meet my friends at a coffee shop/play area.  We had a great time but the snow started just as I was about to leave (I knew it was coming so I have no one to blame but myself) and I ended up in the car for an hour, gripping the wheel and praying I would get myself and my boys home safely.  Not my smartest move.

Anyway, it’s been a good excuse to stay in and relax and for once I had time to go through some of my old drafts that were never published into posts.  I thought I’d share one today. (Note this was written in the summer before we had a shower upstairs.)

Don’t Forget: The Time He Climbed Into the Shower With His Clothes On

I had one of those moments with The Wee One recently that I want to remember forever.

Mondays this summer have not been my favorite (I used to LOVE Mondays, I’m a weirdo I know).  This is somewhat due to the fact that The Wee One has swim lessons on Monday evenings right around dinner time and a good 30 minute drive away.  Fun class for the little guy, lots of effort for us.

Putting on a swimsuit every week means I have to shave, you know, the WHOLE leg and then some.  It’s so annoying and it takes me forever.  I’ve always been a slow shaver.  TMI?

Showers are more stressful these days as well because I have a fast and fun one year old who is not easily distracted anymore while I’m in the shower.  I have to lug him downstairs and keep him contained to the bathroom with a billion toys because there is too much he can get into down there, not to mention the access to the stairs.

These days (while I not-so-patiently wait for us to redo the upstairs bathroom) I usually shower before The Scottish leaves for work.  Or I wait until The Wee One’s first nap but that’s close to three hours after we’re up for the day and I prefer to not wait that long.

On this particular day I took my little guy to the downstairs bathroom with me for shower time.  I had a brand new toy from his birthday party that he hadn’t played with yet which I figured would buy me at least 5-8 minutes.  It bought me about 45 seconds.

I’m shampooing my hair and suddenly there is a pounding on the shower door and a tiny figure standing next to me.  I groan, “Already buddy?  “Where is your lady bug?  Go find your lady bug!”   About 30 seconds later he’s attempting to open the shower door.  So I hold it closed but it’s impossible to begin shaving when holding a shower door.  I give up and let him open it.  Immediately, he’s reaching in to touch the water.  He’s starting to get soaked.

Sure, it IS my fault he wants to get IN the shower.  I’ve taken him in with me multiple times before because it’s way easier to watch him when I do and bonus, he gets clean too!  But today is Monday and we have swim lessons and I have to shave.  Plus The Wee One is still in his pajamas and I’m unprepared.  I don’t have an extra diaper or a towel for him and oh wait, it doesn’t matter… he’s now crawling into the shower!!!

I laughs as he crawls his way toward me.  He looks SO adorable with his clothes matted to him and his hair all wet.  I strip him down and take off his diaper.  I guess it’s a shower day!  He sits near my feet, water pelting his face, holding on to my pumice stone all the while looking so sweet and innocent.  He has the best smile.

The Wee One loves baths and showers but I like to think he just wanted to be by his mommy that Monday.

I don’t know why that particular instance stuck out to me as important and memorable but it did.  Without a camera available (for obvious reasons) I had to close my eyes and freeze frame his tiny, precious face in my mind forever.  And then write a post about it.  I can’t believe he’s already a year old.

Guess it’s hitting me.

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  1. Margy

    Awww, so sweet. This reminds me of an episode in college. One of my roommates decided she wanted to take a shower after drinking too many margaritas. Unfortunately, I was in the shower at the time. She busts in fully clothed yelling, “I want a shower ride!” Not sure why she thought the shower was a ride, but whatever. I’ve never let her live this one down. 😉


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