FINALLY, right??  It’s about time I share photos of baby boy’s astronomy themed nursery since we’ve been working on it off and on since Thanksgiving.

First up, we had to paint the room… again.  When we first moved in we painted it lavender for a tranquil feel to the guest room but I couldn’t picture that for my little guy so we chose another grey (we love grey), in a shade or two darker than The Wee One’s room.


We enlisted the help of Grandpa and Grandma MN and finished painting the room in one afternoon.



If you’ll remember from this post about our closets, we never bought one for this bedroom when we first moved in, but now that it was being converted to a nursery, we had to bite the bullet and install another one of our beloved PAX IKEA wardrobes.  We love how you can customize them and how great they are for organizing a space, but The Scottish does not love putting them together.


Big Brother Wee One likes the mirror we chose as a door for baby brother’s closet.  So does Mommy!  😉


After the closet was finished it was time for the decal.  For The Wee One’s room we chose a world map decal that turned out wonderfully, and for this one we found a rocket/moon/planet/stars decal that fits the theme perfectly.  It was a million times easier to apply because we didn’t have to match up the continents.


Finally, it was time to assemble the larger pieces like the crib and book shelf, as well as move the dresser and glider to baby brother’s room from The Wee One’s room.  Our big boy got a larger and longer dresser plus a small couch from IKEA to replace his missing furniture items.  I really wanted to have seating for both kids and adults in his (very small) room and this couch fit the bill perfectly.

It’s actually a sofa-bed too so it might be perfect for sleepovers one day!

image via IKEA


And now, the finished look.  This room is actually slightly bigger than The Wee One’s but because of the window and door placement it was actually more difficult for us to decide where each piece was going to live.






All clothing, swaddles, and burp clothes have been washed and put away.  Most of his clothes are in the dresser and yes between The Wee One and The Cuz Man we have about 30 newborn to 3 month sleepers.  Does that mean less laundry?  I wish!  Babies spit up and leak on everything, plus the rest of us in the house keep me frequenting the laundry room anyway.


Isn’t this a perfect laundry basket for his room?


The nursery is basically complete aside from the artwork we ordered off Etsy (which will go above the dresser/changing table) and a humidifier.  Other than that, we are all set and baby can come anytime!  What a relief to have it done!

And if you missed it, here is the reveal post of The Wee One’s nursery.

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4 Responses to “Blast Off: A Nursery Reveal”

  1. Rachel

    Looks just perfect – and I love the laundry basket! Can’t believe it’s almost time for the new occupant to move in!

  2. Kelly G

    It looks great! I love the space theme 🙂 Love the wardrobe w/ the mirror too. He is truly blessed to have such a wonderful family!


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