Ah good question, Stephanie.

Why thank you, Stephanie.

This is a tough question.  In general, the end of pregnancy is not very pleasant so it’s hard to pinpoint which season is worse for experiencing it.  But having gone through both, I will do my best to reach a conclusion.

First off, I live in a land of extreme climate change.  We love our seasons here in Minnesota but the summers are incredibly hot and humid and the winters are freezing cold, very snowy, and seem to drag on forever.  You might feel differently if you are pregnant in another part of the country or world where the climate is more moderate.

Summer Late Pregnancy

(Taken from our camping trip around 35 weeks.)



Swimming feels amazing when you’re carrying a lot of extra weight.

You can easily throw on a skirt or sundress and feel somewhat attractive and/or dressed up.

You can wear flip-flops everywhere and no bats an eye.  They are easy to get on and require zero bending.

The days are long and sunny with lots of vitamin D which can really help with sad feelings/anxiety.


Swelling.  SO MUCH swelling.  Do I need to remind you of my disgusting feet last pregnancy?  Swelling can lead to a serious condition called preeclampsia, lucky for me, my swelling was just painful and ugly.

Shaving, it has to happen more often in the summer and shaving while pregnant is not only exhausting but it’s also uncomfortable and scary.  It’s sort of like shaving with a blindfold on while walking on ice because you really can’t see anything around your big ol’ bump and your balance is off s0 it’s very easy to fall.

Everyone is DYING to be outside and they invite you to go outside too, BOO.  People plan parties outside, and they set off fireworks outside, and restaurants ask you to eat outside in their beer gardens but you’re super happy being INSIDE with your lemonade or diet coke because that’s where the AC is located.  And the baby aka nature’s space heater is keeping you toasty and roasty all day long.

Winter Late Pregnancy

(Technically this photo was taken more towards the middle of my pregnancy but everything else I have are bump shots from inside our house that don’t show anything of the weather!)

pregnant in winter


No need to shave as often (I do still shave but I complain and fumble around literally the entire time) because your legs are always covered.  The only people affected by this lack of shaving is your partner and your OB.  No biggie.

Your rings fit your fingers longer before becoming too tight and your ankles don’t get scary looking because you have less swelling.

Baby keeps you warmer than normal so you’re never quite that miserable in the cold weather.


ILLNESS.  It’s everywhere and impossible to avoid.   Colds, the flu, gastro tummy bugs, all terrible, all inevitable in winter.  And getting sick while pregnant is the worst.  Plus, you want family and friends to be able to meet your new little baby but anyone who is ill should not be around a newborn.

All your clothing feels tight and heavy and wearing jeans is beyond annoying.  Don’t even think about dressing up and wearing a dress and tights when it’s negative 15 degrees outside.  Yoga pants again?  OK, cool.

You have to wear socks, pull on boots, or tie your shoes and bending over is plain obnoxious.

There is always the possibility of a blizzard or heavy snowfall or a winter advisory warning of some kind that will make your ride to the hospital longer and more stressful.  #scary


Hmmm, and the verdict is…. they’re both terrible!!  It’s late pregnancy!!  😉

If I had to pick I’d say winter because it’s what I’m currently experiencing and not only am I super pregnant but I’m also a mother this time around so I feel slightly more anxiety than I did last time.

Anyway that’s enough whining for today.  Have a great week everybody!!

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