Sure, this week’s B word has little to do with my pregnancy… or does it?  We’re obviously buying a minivan because we need more space for our two kids (plus car seats), a dog, and all of the crap we take with us when we travel.  It was never all going to fit in our old vehicle, a Kia Sportage.  After lots of research and one loooong Saturday we ended up choosing a slightly used Dodge Caravan.

Car buying while pregnant is a bizarre experience.  There may have been tears as we drove away leaving our old car behind with me incoherently mumbling something about missing the Kia.  Sure, it’s less about the car and more about my inability to handle change, especially change right before another big change, but I loved that car.  It was our first car as a couple and the car that brought The Wee One home from the hospital.

Our last drive in the Kia.  🙁

goodbye Kia

The Wee One exploring the new minivan.

exploring minivan

My 37 week appointment came and went without much fuss.  My body hasn’t changed since my last appointment at 36 weeks and other than my OB wanting to talk about another potential shoulder dystocia, we didn’t have much to discuss. I’m not sure if I addressed this before but The Wee One was stuck for about a minute due to his shoulder not passing through while pushing.  I guess it’s an OB’s worst nightmare and if it gets really bad they have to break baby’s arm or shove baby back in and go to a c section.  There is no way to know the cause of why The Wee One got stuck but it’s likely that it was just his positioning and one time incident that has nothing to do with his size or my pelvis.

The Scottish and I aren’t worried but my OB is being extra cautious and wants to have an extra team of nurses in the delivery room during pushing.  A couple of friends and I were discussing this and we think it’s becoming more and more clear that doctors like to control as much of the birth experience as possible.  Which seems impossible right?  This is why I’ve heard of friends who were encouraged to schedule c sections and inductions for weak or sometimes non-existent reasons.  (And yes, there are tons of valid reasons for interventions as well!)  I get that many OB’s want to avoid something going wrong, but I take what they say with a grain of salt and try not to worry about it.

37 weeks



It was also Valentine’s Day so The Wee One and I were wearing red of course!  He was such a sweet boy, he bought me a card and a chocolate rose and even presented them to me (after we asked him to).  The Scottish gave me my classic orange rolls for breakfast, a very sweet card, and a big heart filled with chocolates. I’m definitely a candy girl instead of a flowers girl.  I gave him his favorite Lindor white chocolate truffles and that was us.

We were able to go out to eat Saturday evening while Grandpa MN watched The Wee One.  We tried to linger at dinner but when your tummy is squished due to baby and you’re having contractions you don’t feel like eating much.  And The Scottish is never one to eat both an appetizer and a dessert so we were done within an hour.  It was still nice to go out just the two of us.

I have to say the best Valentine’s Day gift or gift in general is my hubby watching The Wee One after his nap so I can rest a little longer and helping with dinner and the dishes.  I’m so exhausted by 4 PM most days and I just feel icky and nauseous so the fact that he takes on the bulk of our evenings tasks is pretty darn romantic to this preggo lady.




“See” you guys next week!

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  1. Zach

    We are in the same predicament and researching. Can I ask why you picked a dodge grand caravan over a toyota or honda? Thanks!


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