If you are just tuning in, part one of The Wee Two’s birth story can be found HERE.

Where we last left off I was a whopping 8 cm dilated and feeling good about my progress.  My OB decided it was time to rupture my waters.  It seems my babies like to take their sweet time descending and breaking my waters usually speeds up the process.

Remember at the end of my last post when I said I was at an 8 but not for long?  Unfortunately, after my OB broke my waters, I went backwards to 6 cm dilated.  Talk about depressing.  At 6 AM I was 8 cm and by 8:15 AM I was only 6 cm and 80% effaced.  Not the direction I wanted to be going!

Thankfully, only an hour later I was 9 cm, -1 station, and 100% effaced with just of a lip of cervix left.  My OB and I were happy about the progress.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking it would be so nice to have this baby in 12 hours or less.  Since contractions started at 11 PM, I needed to have a baby by 11 AM to make that happen.

I watched some Live with Kelly and Michael (can’t believe he’s leaving!) and ate ice chips while I waited for my next check.


My OB was kind enough to move her other appointments that day and stay with us until baby was born.  I thought it was really nice of her and it probably helped that we had all of our prenatal appointments with her so she wanted to be with us to the end.  Plus, because of The Wee One’s shoulder dystocia there was some risk of it happening again and she wanted to be the one to deliver the baby just in case it happened again.

By 9:35 AM I was 10 cm and 0 station, meaning baby was finally getting lower in my pelvis.  My OB decided to have me labor down for an hour to see if baby would move a bit farther down.  It worked!

At 10:35 AM when she checked me again baby was at +1 station (the end goal being +3).  She asked me to do some practice pushes to see if I needed more time or if I was good to go.  Remembering how difficult pushing was for me the first time I focused all my energy (both physical and mental) on pushing as hard as I could.  I could feel NOTHING.  No pressure, no faint contractions, I literally felt nothing from my stomach on down.

But my pushing was successful!  The Scottish said by the end of the three practice pushes he could see The Wee Two’s head.  Holy cow!  My OB said it is GO TIME and I pushed even harder on the next contraction.  This is when the baby’s heart rate started to decelerate, which is not a good thing.  The nurses and the OB kept looking at the monitor that showed baby’s heart rate and it made me nervous.  My OB looked at me and said baby needs to come out now.  I felt scared but more determined than anything.  She decided to add a little vacuum to his head to help but apparently she didn’t end up using it much because at 10:48 AM my second beautiful baby boy arrived!!

story one

story two

The excitement of The Wee Two’s birth was almost overshadowed by his shoulders getting stuck on his way out just like his brother’s had almost two years prior.  Yep, it happened again.  The Scottish and I were shocked and bummed.  I actually couldn’t believe it at first.  Luckily it was a mild dystocia like with The Wee One but it feels very scary in the minute before he is fully out.  My awesome delivery nurse had to push down on my stomach hard while OB pulled on The Wee Two’s arm to get him out.  We are so grateful for their efforts and that The Wee Two didn’t suffer a broken bone or something worse.

The boys were delivered by two different OB’s in two different practices and they both stressed how terrifying it is for them to have a baby get stuck.  Since it happened to me with both a 7 lb 13 ounce baby and a 9 lb baby it’s likely the cause is my pelvis shape but it’s impossible to know for sure.  I’m still processing what it would mean for us if/when we have a third kiddo, possibly an induction but more likely a scheduled c-section.  My OB and I have decided we will cross that bridge if/when we need to as there is no point discussing it now!  But it makes me sad to know that it is difficult for my body to birth its babies.

Despite the shoulder dystocia, the room was filled with joy as The Wee Two entered the world looking very dark and handsome.  Seriously The Scottish and I are pale and relatively fair-haired, but The Wee Two came out with a ton of dark hair and this ruddy looking skin.  He was 9 lbs even and 21 inches long.  Apparently he pooped all over me when they laid him on my chest but I didn’t even notice.  I guess I kept repeating how I couldn’t believe he was mine because he looked so purple and dark.  I also remembering being so happy he was out.  The simultaneous relief and euphoria of having your child in your arms after being pregnant and waiting to meet them for so long is nothing short of amazing.

story three

I should note that The Mother did an awesome job taking photos.  She did not plan to be in the room when he was born, but she was the only family member present at this little guy’s birth and I wanted someone to take pictures.  In contrast, The Wee One had a ton of people waiting on his arrival and this little guy just had his Grandma.  I think The Wee One scared everyone off with his epically long entrance, haha.

Well, we almost didn’t call The Mother in from the waiting room for the practice pushes but good thing we did because about ten minutes later we had a baby!  I’m so grateful to have photos of both my boys immediately after they have entered the world.

The nurses let The Wee Two’s umbilical cord pulse for a while (which is recommended) and then The Scottish was able to cut it (he didn’t get to with The Wee One’s birth).  The Scottish was happy The Wee Two didn’t have to rush off to be checked and it was nice to have those initial moments together.

story four

We spent some time nursing and cuddling in our delivery room before moving to our postpartum room at 2:25 AM.  Because of my strong epi I had to be wheeled on a bed to my postpartum room instead of getting myself into a wheelchair.  They normally like to see you walk to the bathroom before moving you, however, it took 4.5 hours from when they turned off my epidural for me to feel my legs again!  That was scary.

I much preferred my first epi with The Wee One where I still felt some pain.  Being completely numb and for so long was really frightening.  And apparently I wasn’t the only woman feeling that way.  One of my nurses said, “Oh, yea, Dr. So and So has been giving really dense epidurals lately.”  Interesting.

The first pic of a father and his second son.


Snuggling my sweet boy.


Two days later it was time to go home.


That’s it for The Wee Two’s grand entrance.  Hope you enjoyed it.

I love reading birth stories, I find them equal parts nerve-wracking and wonderful.  Every story is unique.  If you’re interested you can read (or re-read) The Wee One’s birth story in parts one, two, and three.



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