Not This Again…

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crib buddies crib buddies

Yes, this again.  THIS meaning another post about me falling off the blogosphere for a while.  Hey, it happens! I promise I have a good excuse.  My in-laws are coming from Scotland for three whole weeks!  It’s very exciting but it means I’m going to be even busier.  I’m so pumped they get to meet The Wee Two for the first time and see The Wee One again now that he’s walking and talking.  The last time they saw him he was 10 months old and newly crawling. Despite how badly we want to Read more […]

It’s Not About the Pillows

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couch and blanket couch and blanket

Every day The Wee One pulls the couch pillows and blanket down to the floor.  And every day I put them back on the couch.  This happens roughly 100 times per day.  OK, so it doesn’t happen that often but I will put the couch pillows back, turn around, and The Wee One will be wrestling them to the ground yet again. The little rascal in action, he also likes to throw my burp clothes on the ground.  Grr.   I have to put them back up for two reasons, 1) because I use a pillow Read more […]

The Wee Two: Two Months

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DSC04831 DSC04831

The Wee Two turned two months old on May 3rd.  To be honest, it’s been a lot of the same newborn stuff with the added pleasure of more smiles and alertness.  The Wee Two is focusing more on faces and objects which has been really fun.  I can’t wait to see more of his personality shine through! We’ve started giving The Wee Two a bottle regularly but by regularly I mean mostly on the weekends because it’s difficult managing The Scottish feeding him while I pump, The Wee One running around, Read more […]

The Wee Two: One Month

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DSC04739 DSC04739

Soooo, The Wee Two is actually two months old (already? yes!) but obviously I have to post his one month update first!  Let’s rewind to April 3rd. Like I mentioned, the first month with two kiddos was tough.  Just as The Wee One was getting more fun and independent we HAD to throw a newborn into the mix.  🙂  The lack of sleep and busy days made The Wee Two’s first month a bit of a blur but we got into a rhythm and now we can’t imagine our lives any other way than with our two boys. The Read more […]

Newborn and Family Photo Shoot

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Newborn _ Fitz (76 of 171)#FD9C (Medium) Newborn _ Fitz (76 of 171)#FD9C (Medium)

I’m so in love with these photos from Annie at Annie Wiegers Photography.  Not only has Annie taken The Wee One and now The Wee Two’s newborn photos, but she also did The Wee One’s first birthday shoot and The Glue and The Tape’s wedding.  By now, having her come to our house to take our picture is like having an old friend stop by to say hi.  We catch up on life while she snaps photos quietly with her camera.  It’s the perfect, relaxed setting for a mama who has just given Read more […]