I’m so in love with these photos from Annie at Annie Wiegers Photography.  Not only has Annie taken The Wee One and now The Wee Two’s newborn photos, but she also did The Wee One’s first birthday shoot and The Glue and The Tape’s wedding.  By now, having her come to our house to take our picture is like having an old friend stop by to say hi.  We catch up on life while she snaps photos quietly with her camera.  It’s the perfect, relaxed setting for a mama who has just given birth four days prior.

Trust me when I say this is the pared down list of my favorites and it’s still going to be an extremely pic heavy post.  These newborn photos highlight The handsome Wee Two beautifully.

Newborn _ Fitz (4 of 171)#4B6B (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (10 of 171)#0F51 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (12 of 171)#8439 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (16 of 171)#82C8 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (20 of 171)#30FB (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (27 of 171)#F8D6 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (45 of 171)#0CEA (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (47 of 171)#8782 (Medium)

For our family photos I ordered matching shirts for the boys from the awesome Etsy shop Plucky Mustard.  I love how they turned out! Oh, brother.  πŸ™‚

Newborn _ Fitz (70 of 171)#7005 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (72 of 171)#FB6D (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (75 of 171)#3340 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (64 of 171)#6392 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (62 of 171)#EE0B (Medium)

I had (unrealistic) visions of how many photos we’d be able to capture with both boys and unfortunately, The Wee One was not in the best mood that day.  We bribed him with fruit snacks and TV time but you can only expect so much from a toddler!  I absolutely love these shots Annie took of our new big brother.

Newborn _ Fitz (54 of 171)#5C38 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (51 of 171)#1F7D (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (55 of 171)#198C (Medium)

I really, REALLY wanted a photo of both boys laying on top of our family tartan but The Wee One would not cooperate.  Still, this picture is lovely.  Aren’t baby feet the best??

Newborn _ Fitz (76 of 171)#FD9C (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (78 of 171)#7DE7 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (90 of 171)#A461 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (113 of 171)#C204 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (118 of 171)#013A (Medium)

Despite being early March, the weather was nice enough for some outdoor pics!

Newborn _ Fitz (122 of 171)#B81A (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (133 of 171)#E8C8 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (127 of 171)#FB5F (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (136 of 171)#AB8D (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (103 of 171)#D762 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (153 of 171)#979C

Newborn _ Fitz (170 of 171)#738C (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (110 of 171)#0CD8 (Medium)

Newborn _ Fitz (166 of 171)#EB73 (Medium)

These pictures take me back to those new baby snuggles and cuddling with boys all afternoon.  Thanks for documenting our life so beautifully Annie!

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8 Responses to “Newborn and Family Photo Shoot”

  1. Rachel

    WOW! So many amazing shots. I think these are some of the cutest brand-new-baby moments I’ve ever seen, and then the family versions are excellent as well! And you look amazing, momma!

  2. Anita

    You have a truly beautiful family, and these pictures capture that so well!! Even though the Wee One wasn’t feeling it that day, his photos are just as adorable as the ones of Wee Two! I can’t get over the dark hair Wee Two has!!


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