Soooo, The Wee Two is actually two months old (already? yes!) but obviously I have to post his one month update first!  Let’s rewind to April 3rd.

Like I mentioned, the first month with two kiddos was tough.  Just as The Wee One was getting more fun and independent we HAD to throw a newborn into the mix.  🙂  The lack of sleep and busy days made The Wee Two’s first month a bit of a blur but we got into a rhythm and now we can’t imagine our lives any other way than with our two boys.

The Wee Two struggled with nursing at first (we had to use a nipple shield and get his tongue tie clipped twice), but by the end of his first month he was starting to get the hang of things.  He began nursing and spitting up a ton.  I figured out I was over-feeding him so I quickly learned to console first, and put him on the boob second, which is the opposite of what I did with The Wee One.  Even though The Wee Two still spits up frequently, it seems like he gets less tummy bubbles/discomfort now and he has been steadily gaining weight since his birth.

The Wee Two is a very average sleeper.  The Wee One was more of a unicorn sleeper which means it’s been harder on The Scottish and I because we keep waiting for The Wee Two to catch up so to speak which isn’t fair to him.  He’s a baby, they don’t sleep for long periods of time.  It’s NORMAL.  And yet, the first month was so damn rough. Plus, as a stay at home mom there is no sleeping while the baby sleeps because I’m entertaining and feeding a toddler while the baby sleeps.  Regardless, his sleep is continuing to improve and for that we are grateful.

The Wee Two has always been very alert and I swear he came out of the womb with neck control.  He loves fresh air and looking out the windows in our great room to the backyard while laying on his pack n play changing table.

handsome hoodie

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been how loud he was and still is!  The Wee Two makes noise constantly.  He grunts and coos and snorts like you wouldn’t believe.  I was wearing him in a baby carrier at church one morning and during the prayer time all you could hear was The Wee Two breathing in and exhaling out on an audible sigh.  So adorable.

It’s been interesting to look back on the struggles and accomplishments from The Wee One’s month posts so I decided to bring it back for The Wee Two’s updates.

Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- stomach pain and learning how to latch

Mom- breastfeeding, baby blues, sleep deprivation

Dad- lack of patience with a fussy baby, sleep deprivation

Big Bro- spending less time with Mama and Dada

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- gaining lots of weight

Mom- leaving the house alone with two kids

Dad- helping Mom with her borderline PPD

Big Bro- showing no jealousy and lots of love to baby


For our monthly photo sessions we’re keeping with the book theme like we did with The Wee One but this time we’re using a series from Usborne Children’s books, “That’s not my…”

“That’s not my frog…”

Fitz One Months Stats



One-on-one with Mommy and Daddy!





Because I like to torture us, I decided to have The Wee One join The Wee Two for a few brother pics every month.  Fingers crossed it goes this well each time!




I know it’s bad to compare your kids, but I enjoy seeing what The Wee One looked and acted like when he was the same age.  So if you’re like me, you can check out The Wee One’s one month update too.

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