The Wee Two turned two months old on May 3rd.  To be honest, it’s been a lot of the same newborn stuff with the added pleasure of more smiles and alertness.  The Wee Two is focusing more on faces and objects which has been really fun.  I can’t wait to see more of his personality shine through!

We’ve started giving The Wee Two a bottle regularly but by regularly I mean mostly on the weekends because it’s difficult managing The Scottish feeding him while I pump, The Wee One running around, and dinner on the stove during week nights.  I really hated pumping the first time around but now it’s sort of nice because I get to sit by myself for a whole 15 minutes… that is until The Wee One comes over to turn up my pump.  Ouch.

The Wee Two takes a bottle but he definitely fusses most of the way through it and never really finishes all that I pump for him. I’m very slowly building my freezer stash but that will get easier once The Wee Two goes to bed earlier.


The Scottish and I also had a few big conversations this past month about making time for each other and be kinder to each other during this very stressful period of life.  It’s been helpful for us to set aside time for reconnecting because otherwise all we do is eat, sleep, and breathe parenting.

Just like his big bro, The Wee Two did awesome dealing with shots at his two month well check-up.  He’s also gaining weight very quickly, which is always good and he’s in 3-6 month clothing already!

Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- lots of spitting up

Mom- managing dinner time and Friday burn out

Dad- figuring out baby’s cues

Big Bro- sharing Mommy after nap time

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- sleeping better at night

Mom- baby wearing a lot, finding stride with two kids

Dad- getting baby back to sleep in middle of the night, multi-tasking during hectic mornings

Big Bro- learning how to give baby brother his pacifier


“That’s not my pig…”

Month stats









We had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and The Scottish did an amazing job making me feel special.  I received cards, fancy cake, flowers delivered, gifts, and time to drink my iced vanilla latte alone.  It was wonderful.

When you have little ones and especially when you’re nursing you still do a lot of work on very little sleep on Mother’s Day… but you don’t really care.  My sweet boys make life incredibly rewarding and beautiful.  I love being a mama.



I also got to sneak away for a movie with The Mother and spent Sunday celebrating with my family by playing frisbee golf and grilling out.  It was perfect.

I know it’s not an easy holiday for everyone and it can be very emotional if you are without a mother or desperately want to be a mother. That said, I hope you were celebrated or got to celebrate the women in your life who nurture and care for others.


PS The Wee One at two months old.

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2 Responses to “The Wee Two: Two Months”

  1. Anita

    Thank you so much for your comment at the end. While I smile and get through the day, most people don’t realize how much I’m breaking inside. (I lost my mother 7 and a half years ago, and most people don’t know, but the second part applies to me as well).

    • Stephanie

      I’m sorry Anita, but thanks for sharing that. Thinking of you; both scenarios must make Mother’s Day incredibly challenging.


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