Yes, this again.  THIS meaning another post about me falling off the blogosphere for a while.  Hey, it happens!

I promise I have a good excuse.  My in-laws are coming from Scotland for three whole weeks!  It’s very exciting but it means I’m going to be even busier.  I’m so pumped they get to meet The Wee Two for the first time and see The Wee One again now that he’s walking and talking.  The last time they saw him he was 10 months old and newly crawling.

Despite how badly we want to get back to Scotland, due to finances and babies we only get to see The Scottish’s parents once a year when they visit Minnesota.  But we are hoping that changes in the near future.  Until then we are soooo grateful they are willing to visit us here.  My FIL, Papa Scottish, recently retired so I see many long trips of snuggling grandkids in their future!

Besides the obvious watching them interact with the boys, I’m looking forward to our daily happy hour, grilling out, working in the garden, showing them new places in the Twin Cities, and to be honest, having someone around to help hold one kiddo while I’m doing something with the other one!  An extra pair of hands is the best treat ever to me at this current phase of life, haha.

Switching gears for a moment, I realize it’s obvious that Drama Happens has been on the back burner for a while.  I’m in the thick of raising my adorable family, and my time is not my own.  I absolutely love blogging, and sharing my life with you awesome readers and I miss the quiet, personal time it allows me when I’m crafting a post.  I have no plans to shut down Drama Happens at the moment, how could I, it’s my creative outlet for the time being!  (Though I still have big dreams of getting back on stage and writing a novel someday.)

I’m getting away from my point.  All this to say, I will DEFINITELY be updating when I can but consistency will not be a priority.  So please check in with me every so often, OK?

It’s funny how this little blog has had many lives already.  Drama Happens was the first place I publicly shared my thoughts as a young, single 20-something, and then after I finished blogging about my wedding, I restarted DH as a relationship focused blog, and now let’s face it, I’m a mommy blogger with most of my posts centering around my sweet boys.  Who knows, maybe Drama Happens has another life left in her?  🙂

I leave you with a few photos of brothers.

best brother ever


crib buddies


See you guys in a few weeks!

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6 Responses to “Not This Again…”

  1. Anita

    Have fun with the family and I will look forward to your return! I can’t imagine DH not being around, it’s my bright spot in gloomy days at the office!

  2. Rachel

    We’ll miss you but understand, of course. Hope you have a terrific visit!


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