This was a big month for The Wee Two. We had Papa and Gran Scottish visiting from Glasgow for three weeks so not only were we extra busy but this little guy did a ton of developing too.

I absolutely LOVE when a baby’s personality starts to peek through.  I’d describe the first look of his personality as laid-back, curious, and sweet.  The Wee Two began giggling and laughing this month and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.  I don’t think I caught his first chuckle like I did with The Wee One, I believe The Scottish can claim that, but now we all enjoy tickling him (especially in his neck rolls haha) in hopes of hearing that precious sound again.

The Wee Two is growing crazy fast and he’s already in size 6 month clothing.  He still has his hair surprisingly, which nicely covers up his cradle cap, and his handsome facial features are becoming more and more defined.  We also introduced The Wee Two to his toys and he’s taking more interest in them all the time.

Sleep or the lack thereof has been interesting this past month.  The good news is that The Wee Two transitioned wonderfully to sleeping in his crib just like his brother did.  But instead of sleeping longer and longer at night like you would expect by this age, The Wee Two is still waking up frequently.  It makes having a life and doing things at night nearly impossible since we have to assume we won’t be getting much rest.  Some people function OK on little sleep but The Scottish and I really struggle with it.  Speaking of…

Biggest Struggles This Month:


Mom- managing expectations

Dad- managing exhaustion

Big Bro- listening/following directions

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- more happy awake time

Mom- getting both boys out of the house more often for fun outings and activities

Dad- supporting mom during night wakings (no idea what I’d do without him!)

Big Bro- sharing all the adults in the household


“That’s not my truck…”

Three Month Stat




“Guys, my parents are soooo boring.”



“But my big brother is the coolest!”



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  1. Kelly G

    OMG those thighs! I need to see this guy in person again soon, he’s grown so much! He seems like a happy go-lucky kind of kid, you are truly blessed!


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