My baby turned 4 months old on July 3rd!  Full disclosure, it’s been rough over here.  I thought The Wee Two’s sleep was bad before, haha, guess what?  It can always get worse.

My sweet boy’s night wakings are out of control.  The Scottish and I have passed sleep deprivation and rounded the corner into sleep torture.  Immediately after The Wee Two hit 3 months old he began waking up a ton at night. I don’t mean every few hours, I mean every 30-40 minutes some nights.  He’d often wake up 8+ times PER night.  I mean it literally has been SLEEP TORTURE.

At first we attributed The Wee Two’s poor sleep to the dreaded 4 month regression which usually starts around that time.

The Wee One also regressed (but in a much milder way), so we knew it was time to implement some positive sleep habits.  First on the agenda was to move up The Wee Two’s bedtime to 7ish PM.  We are big, big fans of the early bedtime.  For the time being we trying this out, little brother goes down around 7 PM and big brother’s bedtime is pushed back to 7:30 PM (although that has had its own challenges).

Next, we bought a Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit and it was magical for the first few nights but soon The Wee Two was back to his previous schedule.  We do like that it is helping him learn how to sleep without a swaddle at night.

Finally, we instituted a rule, there has to be at least three hours in between nursing sessions at night-time.  If The Wee Two wakes up before three hours, we use other tactics (rocking, patting, etc) to get him back to sleep.  He is very healthy (read: rolls for days) and does not need to eat constantly at night.  Every three hours is plenty.  While many babies can go almost all night without milk our little guy doesn’t seem to eat enough at feedings so I’ll keep nursing him until something major changes in his digestive track.

The Wee Two has been spitting up more than ever this past month too.  it’s become so frequent I’ve started to wonder about his acid reflux.  All babies have acid reflux to a point because of their immature guts but The Wee Two seemed to have it worse than the average baby.

When our pediatrician heard about The Wee Two’s sleep at his 4 month appt. she thankfully agreed it was NOT normal. Based on his frequent spitting up, burping or coughing at wake-ups, and his general fussiness at night we were given Zantac for his acid reflux.

We just started the medicine a few days ago and I would say it helped the first night but since then it’s gone downhill.  I need to give it more time before I can speak to the success of the Zantac but I should have an update by his 5 month post.  We are going to keep trying other things to help The Wee Two’s sleep and once we feel certain he is not in pain when he wakes up we will sleep train as well.

In other, more fun news,The Wee Two has started grasping at things on his activity mat and holding toys in hands.  He also likes to take his paci out of his mouth and play with that too.  He loves to make an attempt at sitting up, using his tummy muscles to try and get up off the floor, it’s adorable.  He’s as strong as ever and loves when we help him stand.

Just like his brother, it looks like he is going to be slow to rolling over but apparently he accidentally did it once!  The Scottish was sitting next to him but was watching The Wee One have a toddler meltdown with Mommy so we both missed his first roll.  Poor second child!

Overall The Wee Two spends his days happy and giggly, blowing bubbles, and watching his brother intently.  He weighs a hearty 18 lbs 6 oz and is 25 1/2 inches long.  He’s our beacon of light in a sometimes dark and scary world and we couldn’t love him more.

Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- acid reflux, spitting up a ton

Mom- sleep deprivation

Dad- sleep deprivation

Big Bro- shortened naps and not wanting to sit in his high chair to eat

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- holding toys

Mom- umm, I don’t know, functioning on no sleep??

Dad- same

Big Bro- forming sentences


“That’s not my dinosaur…”

Month Stats






Mr. Grizzly Man Scottish


Big Brother was NOT having any part of taking photos this month.  He refused to be on the blanket or anywhere near The Wee Two (the more we asked him the more he protested), but I managed to lure him into the photo shoot after all.  He he.







Fingers crossed I can report MORE SLEEP is happening by The Wee Two’s next update!  He is such an amazing little guy; totally worth every single wake-up.


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6 Responses to “The Wee Two: Four Months”

  1. Anita

    You are such a trooper, Steph! I can’t imagine being woken up that much at night, makes me a little scared to be thinking about motherhood lol. Praying things get better with the Wee Two’s sleep in the coming days and weeks. Both boys are still as adorable as ever though! (And you look AMAZING still!)

    • Anita

      Stephanie* Got interrupted during my comment and didn’t finish your name!

    • Stephanie

      Awww your comment made me smile and is so sweet, how am I just seeing it?? Ah, I blame sleep deprivation. Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Kelly G

    Oh my, I hope that he feels better with the acid reflux and can get some better sleep – for ALL involved! Cute pics as always!

  3. Margy

    So sorry about the sleep torture! And I hope it gets better (it has to, right!?)! Wee Two looks so much like you and Wee One looks so much like the Scottish. Adorable!


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