These are the years…

of going to bed at 8:30 PM because we’re so crazy exhausted.

of rarely being alone together.

of nothing in the house for lunch but sandwich bread heels and old fruit. Just enough to keep everyone fed.

of wearing the same stained shirts and ripped jeans because any extra money goes to clothing for the boys.

of calling each other Mommy and Daddy.

of eating out less.  Oh, how we miss eating out.

of watching Netflix together instead of talking or connecting because we both just want need to zone out.

of spending weekends doing kid activities.

of letting the house projects go by the wayside.

of forgetting things.

of sleep deprivation.

of more sleep deprivation.

of fighting more often.  Though the fights are shorter because they are pointless or simple miscommunication.

of pinching pennies.

of morning snuggles in bed with the whole family instead of just the two of us.

of belly laughing together at something one of our kids has done or said.

of feeling like we’re on the same team more than ever.


These are the years…

of change.

of busyness.

of loneliness.

of tiredness.


These are the years of missing each other despite day after day of side-by-side parenting.

These are the poor financial years but also the rich years because we are rich in love, rich in family, rich in togetherness.

These are the best years.

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