Destroy-it-Yourself: Staining the Patio

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DSC05046 DSC05046

Waaaay back in May when my in-laws were here The Scottish and my FIL stained our backyard patio.  We completely lucked out that the semi-transparent stain we picked matched the color of our house exactly.  I’d call it a burnt orange and while I don’t particularly like the color of our house very much, I do like when things match! This was a pretty fast project but still took the better part of a day because they had to wait for the wood to dry multiple times.  I won’t pretend anyone needs Read more […]

The Wee One: Two Years Old

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DSC05580 DSC05580

This cutie turned two on July 22nd and he’s got the attitude to prove it.  Hehe. The Wee One is at such a fun age because he’s talking so much more and we can actually have real conversations.  I can understand almost everything he says and he is great at repeating new words although he sounds a bit like Joey from friends when Phoebe is trying to teach him French. His interpretation of our last name is ridiculous and his version of coffee is wildly inappropriate.  You’ll just have Read more […]

The Wee Two: Five Months

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DSC05724 DSC05724

How am I so behind on The Wee Two’s monthly updates??  Oh right, summer, life, and two kids. My baby turned 5 months old on August 3rd and the next day we left town on his first road trip to Chicago.  The Wee Two is growing crazy fast and even though he is still sleeping in 3 hour chunks, The Scottish and I have been doing a lot better with the lack of sleep in our lives.  Unfortunately, you might say we’ve gotten used to it. An update on the Zantac, it worked for the first couple of days Read more […]

Call Me Mrs. Cookie!

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Hi everybody! Popping in to share some happy news, I was recently accepted to be a contributing blogger for the parenting website, Hellobee! The sweets generation just came out and I was pumped to get my first choice of Mrs.Cookie!  Is there anything tastier than a classic chocolate chip cookie?? Some of my content will be similar to posts on DH but most of it will be brand new.  I’m very excited to be joining another group of talented bloggers and if you’re a fellow parent and have not Read more […]