How am I so behind on The Wee Two’s monthly updates??  Oh right, summer, life, and two kids.

My baby turned 5 months old on August 3rd and the next day we left town on his first road trip to Chicago.  The Wee Two is growing crazy fast and even though he is still sleeping in 3 hour chunks, The Scottish and I have been doing a lot better with the lack of sleep in our lives.  Unfortunately, you might say we’ve gotten used to it.

An update on the Zantac, it worked for the first couple of days but we ended up calling for a higher dose and even after that we saw very little difference.  This month The Wee Two seemed to have his internal clock set to wake up every three hours exactly, so he was basically nursing 24 hours a day.  Towards the end of July we began some light sleep training to get him to extend his night sleep and we were mildly successful.

Naps are starting to get harder because he’s more awake in the day time but he usually takes 4 naps per day ranging anywhere from 30 min to an hour.  His favorite naps are in the k’tan carrier on mommy and his least favorite ones are in his crib.

July was SO busy for us with multiple house guests, my Grandma’s 80th birthday party, and The Wee One’s second birthday that our little guy had to adjust his sleep routines and be extra flexible.  On the upside, The Wee Two received many extra hugs and cuddles from family and friends, and he loved every minute of it.

The Wee Two has been trying to sit up on his own and he’s almost got it but still needs support for now.  He loves to lift his head to look around when he put him on the ground on both his back and his front.  Still no rolling over though!

MN pride



Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- napping and night sleep

Mom- managing stress in a busy month

Dad- not enough down time

Big Bro- sharing his toys

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- closer to sitting up

Mom- keeping up with a packed schedule

Dad- success with light sleep training

Big Bro- going with the flow


“That’s not my train…”

Month Stats

Everyone is obsessed with The Wee Two’s adorably chunky thighs, and with good reason.  They are so squeezably soft and delicious looking!










Psst.  Since we’re already a week and a half into The Wee Two’s sixth month of life I can tell you his sleep FINALLY gets better, and he starts teething.  His half year update is gonna be a big one!

A family selfie minus the two year old because of course he would not join us for the picture.


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