Waaaay back in May when my in-laws were here The Scottish and my FIL stained our backyard patio.  We completely lucked out that the semi-transparent stain we picked matched the color of our house exactly.  I’d call it a burnt orange and while I don’t particularly like the color of our house very much, I do like when things match!

This was a pretty fast project but still took the better part of a day because they had to wait for the wood to dry multiple times.  I won’t pretend anyone needs a tutorial on this but here are the steps they took to update our old, shabby looking patio.

First, they cleared the leaves, sticks, and other debris.  Note the beautifully stained play set in the background that The Mother and I did last summer.


Next, they washed and cleaned the wood.


Then they let it dry.  Here’s McKenna giving me the side eye because she was not allowed in the backyard.


Gran Scottish and The Wee Two were also part of the indoor viewing crew.  I can’t believe The Wee Two used to sleep in our arms for naps just a few months ago.  Crazy!


And this guy, while a great help with the weeding, was not allowed to help with the staining.  Cutest smile ever though.  🙂


Back to the patio.  Finally, it was time to stain.


I love that it was such a notable difference right away.  After it dried again, the guys painted another coat for a nice even look.

The final result!


Did you notice how well it matches the house?

There you have it, a quick and relatively painless home project done in one day… says the girl behind the camera, haha.  Big thanks to my in-laws for being so helpful inside and outside the house during their visits.  Maybe we can enlist their skills again in painting the basement next May??  🙂

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