Happy half year Wee Two!!  I can’t believe my baby is six months old!!  Where to begin? This past August was a bit of a roller coaster.  Our trip to Chicago was awesome but The Wee Two did not sleep well at all.  Travel was quickly followed illness and teething.  The Wee One had one tiny, itty bitty cold by six months, and The poor Wee Two has already had three.  Second child problems!

We tried oatmeal this month and it was not very successful.  The Wee Two didn’t seem to enjoy it and barely ate much the few nights we gave it to him, so we’re not pushing it right now.  In exciting news, The Wee Two is officially sitting up and rolling a lot more these days.  He’s also been more feisty and whiny recently.  I think he likes being the center of attention just like his mama, hehe.  While The Wee Two is getting more screechy and giggly, he’s also smiling more often which is wonderful.  He is a happy, sweet, and determined little guy who enjoys being outside and sneakily watching TV when it’s on for The Wee One (sigh).  The Wee Two loves cuddling and playing with his big brother and their interactions make my heart melt daily.

At his 6 month appointment The Wee Two clocked in at the 96 percentile for weight!!  Holy cow!  The pediatrician encouraged us to sleep train as soon as possible when we told her of our sleep woes.  But since that falls into next month’s post, you’ll have to wait to hear how it went!

Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- self-soothing

Mom- dealing with sick kids

Dad- being ill

Big Bro- not wanting to hold hands when we’re in the street or parking lot

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- sleeping slightly better, yay!

Mom- accepted to blog for HB (this is parenting related because I am writing about my kids!)

Dad- bonding with The Wee One by working on the yard together

Big Bro- sleeping in later in the mornings, yay!


“That’s not my monkey…”



I’m so in love with this face.  🙂





Silly big brother!


So affectionate.


It’s been amazing six months, fast and emotional, but incredibly fulfilling.  I’m so happy The Wee Two is a part of our family!

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  1. Kelly G

    AWW he’s such a cutie! Thank you again for having me over, I had such a good time with your boys 🙂


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