It’s football season and that’s a big deal in our household.  It makes sense that I’m a Vikings fan since I grew up in Minnesota and it makes sense that The Scottish is a Bears fan because when he first came to the US he lived in Chicago.  It doesn’t matter how long he lives here either, The Scottish will always be a Bears because you do not desert your team!

For now we’re teaching the boys to say “Go Vikings!” AND “Go Bears!”  But I’m curious to see if they’ll always root for both teams or if they’ll make a decision one way or the other when they get older.

The Wee One loves wearing his jerseys and he shouts out “football” when he sees a game on TV.  🙂

I don’t have anything else to say, this post is really just to show off how adorable my boys are in their team colors.



Are you a football fan?  What’s your team?

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8 Responses to “A House Divided”

  1. JennyLayne

    Too cute! I root for the Cardinals, since I live in AZ. But between the Bears or the Vikings, I say GO VIKINGS! 🙂 (and their colors are prettier lol)

  2. Anita

    They are adorable, in BOTH colors!! Being from Kansas, I root for the Chiefs, though they are technically on the MO side of Kansas City!

  3. Rachel

    Not a football fan, but have to love these little guys in their jerseys! Some hilarious expressions! 🙂


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