It’s official!  The Wee Two (seven months old on Oct. 3rd) is sleeping through the night (for the most part) and he is night-weaned!  This is a huge accomplishment after six months of waking every couple of hours and The Scottish and I have been enjoying sleep for over a month now (since we started the same night of his six month well check-up).  He does wake up once in a while around 3 or 4 AM but overall sleep training has completely changed our night times.  I recently wrote a post for Hellobee detailing how much we love the CIO (cry-it-out) process because IT WORKS.  I don’t particularly like double posting so if you’d like to read more details regarding how we sleep trained and tips I have for CIO, you can find that post HERE.

The Wee Two is eating more solids!  He eats mostly fruits and veggies, both whole pieces and purees depending on what is in the house.  He usually eats two meals of solids a day in his high chair, at breakfast and dinner, but we are starting to add in lunch as well.  He’s tried whole pieces of broccoli with some success as well as chunks of apple and a tiny bit of pineapple.  He’ll eat all the orange food purees (sweet potato, carrot, squash), but is weary of green beans and peas.  And we really have to mask the taste of his oatmeal because he is not a fan yet!  He also gets to gum veggie straws (they are technically “healthy” chips!) because well, I need to keep him busy in his high chair.  The Wee Two gets really crabby if he doesn’t have a toy or food on his tray at all times.

The Wee Two still nurses frequently during the day which doesn’t bother me at all.  He is so quick it takes very little time and I love the snuggles.  He still spits up after most feeds, but it has gotten a lot less recently.  In exciting news, The Wee Two’s first two bottom teeth officially popped through shortly after six months and his naps are also getting longer (another perk to sleep training).  It’s nice to see a real schedule for his day emerge.

The fall has brought a completely new schedule to our household which has been an adjustment for us but overall a really positive one.  We’ve started a new music program, and an ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) separating class which means both boys are being watched by teachers for 45 minutes every Friday while I’m in a parent meeting discussing two-year olds.  The biggest change is that The Wee One is in a one day a week pre-preschool program at a local church!  It meets for 4.5 hours every Wednesday and while each of us has had our turn to be sad, The Wee One seems to be doing really well.  I’m so happy he is getting more socialization and a boost of independence.  The perk of this new routine for The Wee Two is that he gets Mommy all to himself on Wednesdays and that is very special for us both.


Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- another cold

Mom- listening to The Wee Two cry

Dad- being the tough guy when it comes to sleep training

Big Bro- toddler meltdowns, ugh

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- sleep training!

Mom- sleep training!

Dad- sleep training!

Big Bro- starting school program


“That’s not my elephant…”  (It’s hard to see but there are elephants on his onesie!)






I’m obsessed with this adorable face:






We gave The Wee One a “2” to hold because he is two.  He decided to copy baby brother and eat his number as well. 🙂




The Wee Two is moving more and more each day!  He can roll and twist and turn and based on how he gets up on his hands and knees, I’m wondering if he’ll be crawling by next month’s update, ahhhh!  We shall see!

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  1. Kelly G

    So glad he is finally sleep trained! Glad you guys can get more sleep. Wee one is learning lots and making friends I’m sure. And what a happy guy #2 is, love his chubby face!!!


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