You know how you spend weeks making a costume for your two-year old and then they don’t want to wear it?  Me neither.  Mostly because I didn’t make the costume, The Scottish did, hehe.  But I did drag the costume to music class only for him to tell me, “No thank you, no thank you” over and over again.

I get it.  It’s a bit awkward and scary to wear a box but seriously he LOVES it.  He pushes it around the house and talks about how it’s HIS train.

What am I talking about?  The Wee One’s Thomas the Tank Engine costume of course!  The Wee Two got to dress up as Sir Topham Hat, the head of the railway line.  We managed to get The Wee One to wear his costume for Gran and Papa Scottish while we were Skyping with them and then quickly snapped a photo in case he never put it on again.  🙂


When Halloween night arrived we went to my parent’s house to start trick or treating.  The Wee One did not want to wear it again but we promised candy aka fruit snacks and after a ton of begging and pleading, he finally put it on.  Then we went to a few more houses and all of a sudden he was having a great time.  Success in the 11th hour but success nonetheless!

The Wee Two wore the shark costume that The Wee One wore for his first Halloween while trick or treating.  It’s funny because when you are baby number two you get to do things way before your older sibling ever did!  Happy first Halloween to our sweet Wee Two!




It’s been such a beautiful and warm autumn this year and every nice day feels like it could be the last so we are getting outside as much as possible.  It’s been a blessing for The Scottish though since he’s been mowing and mulching every weekend recently.  We get an insane amount of leaves that fall in our front and back yards, more than anyone else on the block!  Luckily The Scottish has the best helper.  Seriously, this kid never gets tired of mowing.  It’s adorable.



Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall season!  Did you dress up this year, if so, what was your costume?

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