The Wee Two is eight months old???  WHAT?!?!  He is growing up way too fast.  Life definitely goes by quicker with a baby when it’s your second time around but it’s especially fast when your baby starts off at 9 lbs and soars through all sizes and milestones.

The Wee Two had a great month!  He discovered how much he loves yogurt and puffs, but we’re still working on not gagging on oatmeal.  He has figured out how to make sound while blowing raspberries and is starting to babble while playing with his toys and his brother. He also got to get dressed up and trick or treat for Halloween.  People love to comment on how happy The Wee Two is when we are at classes and it’s true, he loves our schedule and exploring new spaces.  I’m so thankful he does really well going with the flow when we’re out and about.  However, The Wee Two seems to have a new “witching hour” between his last nap and dinner time where he is whining and crying a lot.  It’s a tough time of day for all of us so I totally get it, plus I think he wants to be able to move faster than he can.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful, relatively quiet month.  Nothing major happened except that we are getting into our family groove and we’ve been enjoying this gorgeous warm fall weather and making the most of each day.  The Scottish and The Wee One have been mowing/mulching leaves nearly every weekend recently and The Wee Two loves swinging and sitting outside in the fresh air.


Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- frustration with not being able to move

Mom- drop off/pick up of an emotional Big Brother at his school

Dad- work has been stressful

Big Bro- separation from mama

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- learning how to “zoom” cars- its so cute!

Mom- slowing down and living in the present

Dad- crafting a Thomas the tank engine costume

Big Bro- another verbal explosion


“That’s not my polar bear …”








Big Brother was not in the mood for photos this month.  It really helps when we can do them in the morning as opposed to the afternoon.




Psst, The Wee Two is crawling!!  Technically it’s an update for next month because he started for real after Nov. 3rd but whatever, it’s too exciting to keep to myself!  And exhausting.  The crawling is EXHAUSTING for parents.  🙂  We need to find our cage play yard and bring it upstairs.


And one last photo I think you’re going to enjoy…  this is a collage of all of us.  The Wee One is above The Scottish and The Wee Two is above me.  The boys are both 8 months in this picture, and The Wee Two looks so much older, probably because of his hair!  It looks like we each have our own twin.


What do you think?

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  1. Anita

    So cute, Stephanie!! It looks like you are keeping up with them both, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Going to be going back and re-reading some of your post from your pregnancy with The Wee One, as I recently found out I am expecting my first little one! (shhhh, don’t tell anyone) 😉

      • Anita

        First appointment with my regular doctor gave me a due date of July 28th, but I haven’t met with my OB yet so that could change! LOL


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