My adorable Wee Two, you are the cuddliest, squishiest, silliest little guy and we love seeing more of your personality emerge day after day.  That said, could you please, pretty please, sleep more at night??  (Sigh.)  We’re in a huge sleep regression right now and while we’re hopefully near the end of it, The Wee Two’s ability to sleep through the night has gone away this past month.  This means more sleep training unfortunately.  It all makes sense due to the major cognitive and physical developments that happen around this time, but coupled with teething and winter colds it feels like we might never sleep again- there is always something!  And yet we get up each day, we survive, we laugh, and we hug our boys tight, and it’s OK.  We are healthy and happy and we know how fast babies grow up.

The biggest excitement is that The Wee Two has officially started crawling and pulling up on everything, especially his brother’s train table and the fireplace which is NOT ideal.  This is the most exhausting stage of babyhood in my opinion because they don’t understand what areas are dangerous and their urge to explore is so strong.  I’m constantly on the go following The Wee Two but it’s been really fun watching him learn so many new skills.

He’s also looking so old these days, ahhh, where is my baby??  His hair is definitely getting longer and sticking up more (another kid with my crazy hair haha).  He’s also starting to say real consonants like “mamamamama,” which of course makes me very happy.  And he can nod his head “yes!”


For some reason I have trouble coming up with accomplishments each month because it doesn’t feel like we do much but survive sometimes, haha.

Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- teething/cold/sleeping

Mom- sleep regression

Dad- sleep regression

Big Bro- being gentle while playing with brother

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- clapping and nodding, pulling to standing

Mom- happy kids

Dad- happy kids

Big Bro- napping well



“That’s not my reindeer…”




Notice that top tooth on the picture below?  He’s got three of the four so far!






Big Brother wasn’t in the mood to take photos again this month, are you sensing a theme here?  🙂



Hope your December is going well friends,and hope to be back with another post soon!

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