I’m going to be real with you guys.  I miss this space.  I miss the freedom to write about whatever, over-share on details, and post a billion pictures of my boys.  It feels weird to let Drama Happens get so quiet but it’s been the right choice for me.  I’ve been blogging at Hellobee pretty regularly which has been really fun, rewarding, and sometimes challenging but in a positive way.  I’m also struggling to find the energy to write more than an update or two a month because I’m so tired and have such limited free time.

I will never forget this year.  2016 has been horrible in so many ways, mass shootings, legends dying, the Flint water crisis, Brexit, Hillary losing the election, etc.  On top of all the terrible things going on in the world around us, The Scottish and I haven’t been sleeping well for almost a full year which has been incredibly tough on our family.  But despite it all, this is the year we were given the beautiful gift of The Wee Two and no matter what, I will never, ever be able to call 2016 a bad year.  We had a precious baby this year; our family grew and blossomed in multiple ways and I’m so grateful for that.  In some ways 2016 has felt relatively slow-moving and steady, but in other ways, it’s been crazy and exhausting as we adjust to being parents of two small children.

These two are so goofy!


We won’t always be this tired and life won’t always be this hectic.  I can’t make any blogging promises for the new year but I want to reiterate how much I miss writing here.  Thanks for sticking around through my quieter periods.  Thanks for caring about both the mundane and exciting parts of my life.  You guys are the best.

Switching topics but in a related way, is anyone else into vlogging?  No, I don’t plan on vlogging, there is no way I want to be on camera everyday, haha.  Nor could I ever figure out how to edit and upload a video.  But I’ve been really interested in watching vloggers on YouTube recently.  It’s become a new way for me to unwind at the end of the day.  I like to watch families with little kids (what a creepy thing to say!) and stay-at-home-moms, basically people at similar points in their lives.  These daily vlogs are usually nothing special or particularly interesting but once you get to know a family, everything is suddenly very interesting!  It’s probably the same reason I have some lovely readers that I’ve never met! (Hi!)

Maybe I am behind the times??  Probably.  The Scottish told me I’m the last person to discover YouTube videos, lol.  I remember Big C would watch video gamers and toy reviewers on YouTube years ago, but I’m just now finding all the other awesome channels that are available. (WhatsUpMOMS is a fave of mine).  On any given night The Scottish and I alternate between watching a show on Netflix together, and splitting up to do our own thing.  He goes into the basement to play video games and watch superhero shows and I either cuddle up with my laptop to write or watch Youtube. In case you want to get started on this time-sucking hobby, here are three suggestions:
I first discovered Join the Jacksons who live in Australia, but I’m currently obsessed with this adorable Canadian family and their vlog, The Cub House, and finally, I just stumbled onto this mega, hugely popular, very famous family who you can find at Daily Bumps.

I really do have so much I’d love to write about and share with you guys but part of getting older and having been blogging longer means I’m more careful about what I put on the internet.  I try to edit my posts more than once (even if it doesn’t seem like it) and I really do thoughtfully consider what I want to share about my family.  However, if you want to read more about my latest parenting adventures, check out my archives under Mrs. Cookie on Hellobee.

Switching gears again (because I can!), how is everyone’s holiday season going??  This is the first year of my entire life that I won’t be going to North Dakota for Christmas.  Bizarre right?  And no one is coming to us either!  We already celebrated with my parents and siblings so it will be a quiet Christmas at home this year, just the four of us.  If money and stress were not a part of life we’d be celebrating in Scotland, but a trip abroad will have to wait for now.  Instead, we’ll be starting new traditions and doing lots of relaxing in our cozy living room.  As the boys get older, the holiday season gets more and more exciting.  Here’s a few photos from our decorating day this year.





For sure, we want to drive around and look at Christmas lights, maybe watch a holiday movie or read a holiday book together, and make orange rolls on Christmas morning, but I’m still trying to figure out when we open presents and what other traditions we’d like to incorporate.  Do you have something special you do every year?

I can’t believe last year around this time we were selling my condo in Chicago and preparing another nursery for a new baby.  So many changes in one year!  Well, stay warm friends.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and hope you all have a beautiful New Year!  I’ll be back in 2017!  🙂




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  1. Leah

    I watch Daily Bumps too but the way they blow through money lately makes them unrelateable these days. Love me some Ellie and Jared though! They’re so humble and use YouTube to do so much good. Highly recommend! Happy new year to you and your family 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Yea, their Christmas was pretty extravagant! Very unrelateable. I recently watched a bit of Ellie and Jared, that’s great to hear, I will have to look into them more! 🙂


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