The Wee Two is ten months old as of Jan. 3rd and you know what that means, it’s time to start planning his first birthday party!  Yay!  In bittersweet news, my baby is looking less and less like a baby every day and more like a big boy toddler, especially with his new haircut.  SO handsome!

The Wee Two is starting to stand for longer periods of time and hold on to things while taking a step or two.  He can crawl up and down the three stairs into our great room which is awesome, and he so ambitious and determined to get what he wants that we usually get told off with a whiny cry/scream if we don’t let him get his way.  🙂  He recently started waving and saying dada type sounds (mama came last month), although he is just beginning to associate the words with us specifically.  We’ve seen him sign “more” a few times but it’s not frequent enough to list as a new skill.The Wee Two’s sleep is a bit better than last month although he still likes to wake up around 3 or 4 AM.  I have a feeling we just have to wait it out.

Meal times are getting slightly easier and he eats almost everything, although we have lots of foods left to introduce and lots that we need to re-introduce because his gag reflex made the first time not go so well.  New to The Wee Two are eggs, brussel sprouts, bread, and deli meat, but his favorites are still yogurt, cheese, and blueberries.  He also likes hummus, black beans, cucumber, and grapes.  He definitely prefers to feed himself so he usually whines (loudly) through his entire purée fruit or veggie until we get to his finger foods.  He drinks water through a straw and recently I was away from the house for 6 hours on a Saturday, the longest amount of time I’ve been away from The Wee Two yet, and he drank some breast milk through a straw with Daddy while I was gone which was really exciting to hear.

He is starting to play more with The Wee One and is distracted longer by certain favorite toys.  He loves to smile, giggle, and snuggle.  I don’t ever want to forget how he excited he is whenever I pick him up and how forcefully he nuzzles his head into my neck and chest.   The Wee Two loves being outside, even when it’s freezing cold!  I wish the weather here would get slightly warmer so we could go outside more often.



Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- frustration over not getting what he wants

Mom- meal time variety

Dad- extra kid time on his week off from work

Big Bro- sharing toys with brother

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- signing and standing

Mom- living in the moment over the quiet holidays

Dad- having a great week off work with his family

Big Bro- playing board games


“That’s not my lamb…”





We feel so lucky to be his parents.





Mom doing the boy’s hair before photos, haha.



Big brother was all like, “NOPE” for pictures.



The Wee Two is standing so well; look at those legs!


A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my little family to yours!  Hope yours were awesome!



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  1. Rachel

    So much growing up in your family! You are all adorable, and I’m sending you big virtual belated Christmas and New Year hugs.


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