I know, I know, comparing is terrible!  But this is more for me so I can remember all the little ways that my boys were unique and all the ways that they were similar during their first year. Here is a list style post and a closer look at the similarities and differences between The Wee One and The Wee Two.

(Newborn photos by Annie Wiegers Photography.)

Euan-96 (Large)

Newborn _ Fitz (1 of 171)#082E


Wee One nursed all day and slept well at night, Wee Two nursed less frequently but all day and all night.

Wee One took a bottle, but Wee Two… not so much.

Wee One was really happy in the high chair and ate everything, Wee Two is noisy and can be a bit fussy or picky while eating.

Wee One was bald and then blonde, Wee Two was born with really dark hair which is getting lighter, but he’s always had a decent amount of it.

Wee One was a dramatic newborn, but a chill baby.  Wee Two was a chill newborn, and a feisty baby.

Wee One was cautious and slow to crawl.   Wee two is adventurous and crawled earlier trying to keep up with his big brother.

Wee One was consistently in the 70th percentile and wore clothing that matched his age.  Wee Two is consistently around the 96th percentile and wearing clothing two sizes up from his age.

Wee One’s baby personality was laid-back, curious and sweet.  Wee Two’s baby personality is silly, determined, and cuddly.

Wee One loved watching the vacuum, Wee Two is very afraid of it.

Wee One was often a daddy’s boy, Wee Two is a strong mama’s boy.

EC six months

FC six months


At birth, both boys had: Shoulder dystocia, a tongue tie, and jaundice.

Both boys were huge spitters/baby pukers.

Both boys were very smiley babies.

Both boys started getting teeth pretty young, around 5 months.

Both boys love and respond well to music of all kinds.

Both boys absolutely adore bath time.

Both boys nap really well in their crib and on a schedule.

Both boys have adorable spiky duck fuzz type hair.

Both boys love having a brother!  At least most of the time…haha.

I’m a lucky mama that’s for sure!  🙂

crawling EC


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