My oldest just passed the 2 and a half year mark at the end of January so I thought it was time for an update on him!  Truly, having a toddler has been so much fun!  We love being able to communicate with him on a daily basis and understand more of what he is thinking.  While The Wee One has his meltdown moments, most of the time he is just a curious sponge, soaking up as much of life as he can  Our little guy is kind, clever, rambunctious, loving, silly, and a bit shy.  He’s an amazing big brother to The Wee Two and watching them discover and play together are some of the best parts of my day.


A note on the plethora of photos included in this post… they are very random and in no particular order.  Most of them are not very blog-worthy but they all make me smile.  The Wee One has never been a fan of getting his photo taken and while some days he does try to stay still most of the time I have to snap pics of him quickly before he moves.  It’s just not his thing and that’s OK because toddlers are not known for their camera posing skills!  Also, note how often he is wearing an accessory of some kind in the pictures, haha, he is so cute.


Recently, The Wee One has been able to take on some extra responsibility.  He can fill McKenna’s food bowl and it’s been so nice to be able to say, “Go wash your hands please,” and have him actually do it!  The Wee One also helps pick up his toys, plays with his brother, grabs his own shoes, and he puts the laundry away occasionally (something he’s been doing since he could walk.)  The Wee One has also started backseat driving which is hilarious and only slightly annoying.  “Go now mama!”  “Turn mama.”  “Follow that truck!”  OK Buddy.

christmas eve


The Wee One still loves all things that go, trains, trucks, cars, airplanes, rockets, etc.  Other favorite activities include running, dumping toy bins, reading, playing catch, and trying new things.  He enjoys crafting when I offer up that as an activity and one of his newest interests is putting together puzzles.  (By puzzles I mean real jigsaw puzzles, not the matching baby board type puzzles.)

The Wee One sings all the time.  It’s really beautiful.  He can hit the right notes and remember a decent amount of the words.  He sings songs from his music classes, from TV shows, from lullabies we’ve sung to him, and more.  I love listening to him.


make own pizza

This past fall The Wee One started a pre preschool program at a church in a neighboring suburb.  He gets to go to school every Wednesday from 9:30 to 2 PM and after a few rough weeks of crying at drop off, he’s been doing really well.  He’s the oldest kid in his classroom and according to his teachers he’s their “best talker and eater.”  I’m not surprised by either!  I’m loving the independence that this program gives him and the alone time I get with The Wee Two.  It’s fun to hear The Wee One’s stories and how he interprets the school day, and I love that excited feeling I get when I pick him up every Wednesday.  We spend A LOT of time together so it’s nice to have a bit of separation now and again.

crafting two


Two big things coming up for our big boy.  We are planning on switching his crib to the toddler bed as soon as these winter colds go away completely, and we’re working on potty training!  Or as they call it in our early family education class, “toilet learning.”  I’ve made him a sticker chart and promised him toys and candy and all that so it’s serious business now, haha, or at least I hope it is.  Truthfully, we’ve made it a very slow and gradual approach.  The Wee One will sit on the potty and he has gone in it multiple times but only when he is in the right mood.  He has yet to go poo on the potty but I feel like we’re getting closer, and thankfully he enjoys wearing underwear when he put him in it.  We have until his new preschool starts in the fall so here is no rush but my goal is to be potty trained by summer if possible.


tongue out

The Wee One was about 33 lbs when last we checked.  He’s wearing mostly 2T clothing, with some 3T thrown in.  He’s tall and skinny just like his Daddy which means his pants get short on him before they even fully fit his waist.

Christmas day

these two


I don’t want to forget:

How he talks: foo me = excuse me and lillibilit = little bit.

How he frequently skips the number 5 when he’s counting.

How he scrunches up his face when he tries to smile upon request.

How he soothes The Wee Two repeating phrases he’s heard me say before.

How he says “Up please! Up please!” when he wants me to hold him.

How earnestly he tells me when I have a good idea.

How soft and sweet his cheeks feel.

The Wee One might look more and more like a big boy every day but he’s still my baby.  The Scottish and I are so thankful for him.  We are so happy he’s our son.

with mom and dad


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  1. Kelly G

    awwww seriously I’m tearing up! He is such a sweet boy and wow what a great helper he is!


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