This guy is SO CLOSE to walking but he’s just not there yet, which is fine by me I might add.  He can stand unsupported for 5+ seconds and he can walk while holding on to things.  It won’t be long now.  The Wee Two is still as busy and adorable as ever and it’s crazy to me that he is almost a whole year old!  This has been one fast, happy, and sleepless(!) year.

The Wee Two is starting to sign a bit more but it’s definitely been going slower than with The Wee One probably because we sign less often with Wee Two.  The Wee Two is learning new things constantly, he can tell when it’s time for Daddy to leave for work and will wave as The Scottish grabs his backpack and puts on his shoes. He’ll also wave when he hears someone say goodbye, which is pretty cute out in public and at classes.  He is beginning to understand more of what we say to him and he definitely chooses when he wants to listen to us!  🙂

The Wee Two is “talking” all the time right now.  He has so much to say!  We love listening to him make sounds and babble and blow raspberries.  The Wee Two also loves wrecking things.  I call him “the destructor” because he likes to throw toys, empty bins, and most of all he loves to demolish his brother’s train table.  The Wee Two still loves baths and still hates getting his diaper changed.

Sleep became a struggle again when The Wee Two got a bad cold this past month, but he’s doing better now so it’s back to sleep training.  I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to start over training him, our poor little guy really fights sleep sometimes and has trouble self-soothing.  Thankfully he is a joyful and silly baby when he’s awake.  The Wee Two has recently become even more of a mama’s boy.  Frankly, I’m enjoying it while it lasts and savoring the cuddles because overall, The Wee Two is not a big snuggler.  He’s got waaay too much to do and he’s always trying to keep up with this awesome big brother.

Biggest Struggles This Month:

Baby- sickness

Mom- anxiety about illness

Dad- being extra busy at work

Big Bro- sickness

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

Baby- crawling up and down the stairs

Mom- night-weaning (again)

Dad- sleep training (again)

Big Bro- playing more with his little bro


“That’s not my tractor…”




The Wee Two gave his nose a good scratch a few hours before taking these photos, because of course he did.







The Wee One is still making these photo sessions painful.  I’m pretty sure he can tell how badly I want him to cooperate and it must make him want to do the exact opposite.  Argh, toddlers!


This photo was taken after some calming down and fruit snacks.


I’m excited because we will be taking The Wee Two’s 12 month photos soon with our favorite professional photographer and friend, Annie.  To be honest I’m so ready to be done with these monthly sessions.  Coordinating these mini shoots in our house is not easy because I have to order the books, find the onesies and props, and make time for the photo shoot in between nap and work schedules.  Please cross your fingers for us that The Wee One is in a good mood and we get some nice family shots.  I’m hoping he will do better when it’s not us asking him to smile at the camera.  And don’t forget, 12 month pics mean The Wee Two gets to dive into his first piece of cake and we will also be getting photos of that, so fun!

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