Hi, I’m Stephanie.  Nice to meet you!  I’m the drama queen behind Drama Happens.  This is a blog about all types of relationships, both the ones that affect me personally and the generalized societal ones that are a bit misunderstood.

I am a religious, VERY liberal, feminist writer/actor living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and currently starring in the domestic role of a lifetime as stay at home mom to one, soon to be two.

This is my son.  He goes by The Wee One here.


My husband is known as The Scottish and well, you can call me Stephanie.  (But never Steph.)

ONE! (6 of 101)

Photo by Annie Wiegers


I started a lifestyle blog in October of 2011 but once I got engaged I became a wedding blogger under the name Mrs. Sword on Weddingbee.  Even though I could talk about weddings all day long, most of the world can’t so I decided to start up Drama Happens again in August of 2013.

I believe there is something uniquely interesting and perfect about every person.  I hate cooking but I don’t mind cleaning, and I’m a chronic over-sharer.  For example, shopping at Target relaxes me so much I usually have to use the bathroom for a bowel movement within the first 15 minutes of arriving.

Oh, and I mostly take photos of myself so get used to this face:

Cilia Birthday Experience- Age 6 063

If you have any questions about this blog in general, or you’d like to share something unique about a relationship in your life, please email me at dramahappens(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  1. Joe

    Hi Stephanie,

    I saw your story about you and your sister and would like to chat about it for a segment I am working on for the TV show I work on. Contact my e-mail so we can discuss further!!!


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